Hawkeye Island

Task Force 86

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Meeting the XO

Posted on Sat Aug 15th, 2020 @ 11:17pm by Lieutenant Commander Naomi Morgan-Sharan & Commander Dira Sherren

Mission: Welcome Back
Location: Command Center

After speaking with Captain Teller she set off to find Commander Sherren which didn't take long as she was in another part of the building trying to get the building operational. "Excuse me, Commander Sherren?" She asked as she walked in.

Hearing the voice, she turned around. "Yes, how can I help you, Commander?" Dira asked.

"Lieutenant Commander Naomi Morgan-Sharan, the stations new Chief Intelligence Officer and Second Officer. Captain Teller suggested I come to see you and see what needs to be done. I have very little knowledge of engineering but I can help fix some things." Naomi replied looking at her with her hands behind her back.

"I also get my building in the mountains up and running as well" Naomi added pointing to the buildings that were stationed on the mountain that can be seen right outside this window.

"Stand easy Commander, and call me Dira, please. Sounds better.....now welcome and you have a birds-eye view of the main buildings from up there. Just how badly do we look from up there?" Dira said looking at her new chief intelligence officer.

She just stood the same way she was, "Well this place needs more work then what you have, need more crew then just this." Naomi replied looking at her, studying the women in front of her.

"Yes, very true, unfortunately. But I wanted to ask you if you've heard anything concerning those that don't like us here?" Dira asked. Not sure how to word the question properly, she also for the moment forgot the name of the people and planet. Her mind was trying to work out just how she was going to assign the work rotations. "I'm sorry Commander but I am a bit preoccupied. Goes with the job".

She dismissed what she asked if she hasn't figured things out yet then she wasn't going to say anything. "Well, I was just checking in I got a lot of work to do." She replied as she turned to leave while rolling her eyes. She was a bit annoyed and rather just leave before she said something she regretted.

After walking out, not giving her the chance to even respond she headed out of the Command building and started for the Intelligence Office when she noticed a shuttlecraft land, getting word that cadets were being assigned to Hawkeye for their last year midshipman apprentice. Receiving word to go and meet with one and show her around. "Wonderful, I am now a tour guide." She said in annoyance to no one in particular, though she did get some weird looks from some of the officers that had arrived to assist in the repairs.


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