Hawkeye Island

Task Force 86

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More Arrivals to Hawkeye

Posted on Sun Jul 5th, 2020 @ 5:35pm by Lieutenant Commander Naomi Morgan-Sharan & Lieutenant Michael Bradshaw

Mission: Welcome Back
Location: Command Center

Lt. Bradshaw re-materialized just outside the main admin buildings' front entrance. He took a minute to gaze at the structure and it's worn down and old looking facade and noticed immediately that the place felt almost like a ghost town. The outside was early quiet with very few people in Starfleet uniforms around. Nothing like a fully staffed base should be. He stepped down from the transporter pad still determined however to prove to everyone that had doubted him, that they were wrong about him. Even if everything that he had previously learned about Hawkeye Island turned out to be true.

The Lieutenant walked into the building, eyes looking around and he noticed a long red-haired woman trying it seemed to get the place in order. He watched her for a moment, determining that she at least seemed to be somewhat competent and then approached.

"Excuse me, Commander," Bradshaw said as he neared. "I just arrived, can you tell me where Captain Teller is."

She looked up to see an officer in yellow, studying him for a moment before replying. "He's in the Command Center very top, though you will have to walk the stairs as the turbolift is not fictional at the moment," Naomi replied pointing to the largest of the two towers.

"Is everything broken around here?" he replied with a small laugh stepping closer. "I'm Michael Bradshaw, the bases new Security Chief, you are?"

"Well pretty much, it was abandoned fourteen years prior so." She replied looking at him, "Naomi Morgan-Sharan, Chief Intelligence Officer and Second Officer." Naomi replied extending a hand towards his, though she blocked her abilities as touch was another way to sense someone.

Bradshaw looks a little confused as he takes her hand for a shake. "I don't recall seeing your name on the command manifest," Bradshaw replies with a smile before releasing the shake. "You must have been very recently assigned here, and not by choice I'm sure." he shakes his head as he looks around the room.

"Your a very smart man there Bradshaw lets just say I been retired for the past 14 years and living here on Raeya III." Naomi replied, "you can say that in a way, though I came back willingly with some conditions that were met by Captain Teller and an old acquaintance from 14 years prior." She said looking at him.

"You see me and Teller go way back and he has a way of sweet-talking people and not even know it." She chuckled looking at him.

"Fourteen years?" Michael said raising an eyebrow. "How are the Raeyans as a species?" he asked, "Living here for that long must have been draining, from what I understand they don't necessarily want Starfleet here, and certain factions have even resulted to terrorism in the past to get us to leave, I'm sure you know all about it."

She couldn't help but laugh, "I am married to a Raeyan and have two children and one on the way. My husband is the second in line to the thrown." Naomi said as she crossed her arms while looking at him.

Bradshaw's face turned to stone, "You are married to one of them?" he almost scoffed and then caught himself, remembering that not only did she supposedly outrank him, but she also according to her at least was the bases second officer. He would make sure to verify that as quickly as possible. "Well.." he swallowed. "That is interesting." he took in a breath before turning, "Well I guess I should get on my way then, looks like it'll be a bit of a climb, thank you for the directions and the conversation Commander," he paused, "Do you prefer Morgan or Sharan?" he asked.

She raised an eyebrow at his reaction, "Lieutenant does that surprise you? I mean we can't help but who we fall in love with no matter the species, and not all Raeyans want us gone there are quite a few who were upset that we had left." She said looking at him, "They are very good people that I have grown to love." She added with a slight sigh at his reaction.

"You can call me Sharan," She said as she let her arms hang down to the side. "Don't be so quick to judge these people by the actions of some." She said giving him sound advice.

"Since we're speaking Commander Sharan, it's not who you married that gives me pause. It's that if you are assigned to this base as its Intelligence Officer and Second Officer, then it's my job as Security Chief to ensure that your loyalty to the Raeyans doesn't come into conflict with your duty as a Starfleet officer or to this base. I hope you don't take this the wrong way ma'am, I'm not trying to offend you or judge you at all." Bradshaw's eyes met hers.

"For one thing it's not your job to tell me where my loyalties lie, I can have it both ways as my husband and children will always come first and foremost. It was my husband who suggested that I return for the good of both our people." She plainly stated looking at him not smiling this time. "So don't go around telling me where my loyalties lie," she snapped.

Sensing that the conversation was nearing its end if it already wasn't there Michael shifted his eyes and nodded. "Of course, I apologize if I offended, that wasn't my intent." he cleared his throat and turned. "Just stating facts and doing my job, I hope you can understand that. I'm sure I'll be seeing you around." As he turned to leave he made a mental note to dig up everything he could about Commander Sharon and her husband first chance he got.

She nodded and they both departed ways, she thought to herself that she would need to check him out to see who exactly this person was. She needed to check in with Commander Sherren still so she set off again in the direction where she could be.


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