Hawkeye Island

Task Force 86

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Posted on Sat Jul 4th, 2020 @ 11:18pm by Jayden Sharan & Nalla Sharan

Mission: Welcome Back
Location: Sharan's apartment

After Naomi left Jayden looked around, Jadia walked out with Jaykin in tow. "Where is mommy?" Jaykin asked looking at his dad. Jayden smiled, "Well mommy had to go to work," he replied as he took a seat on the couch. Tapping beside him for them to sit, he began to explain to them what work mommy had to do.

Jadia understood but Jaykin was a bit confused, "So when is mommy coming home?" The young boy asked, "In a few hours my son." Jayden replied, "but you get to spend time with me now, and we will get to have lots of fun." Jayden replied.

"Who wants lunch?" He asked looking at both of them raise their hand and say "I do."

He smiled as the kids when to go play, getting up he walked to the kitchen and began to prepare their lunch. Jadia's favorite was macaroni and cheese, and Jaykin liked peanut butter and jelly sandwich and some fruit, it was similar to that of an Earth's mango.

After a while, "Children please come to the dinner table." Jayden called after the children who came running out, they first washed their hands before sitting down.

Jayden set each plate down in front of them, they said grace and then began to eat, Jadia took a bite of her food. "Really good daddy," she said with an approving smile. "Yes, daddy good," Jaykin replied with an enthusiastic grin as he chewed his food.

Jayden chuckled at his reaction and some macaroni and cheese as well, once everyone was done eating, they placed their plates in the sink and washed their hands again. "Who wants to go see Aunt Nalla?" Jayden asked looking at both of them, he had some work he needed to get done and the children always loved spending time with their Aunt.

"Me!" they both replied with excitement as they ran to their rooms to get changed.

Once they were ready they headed out towards the Randa Islands to the palace that was rebuilt after the explosion that had destroyed it and killed his mother. They always walked as they always enjoyed shops on the way. They decided to stop and get something to give to Aunt Nalla, something special. Jadia picked it out and they were on their way again.

After what seemed like forever they arrived and walked in, they seen Nalla and ran up to her, "Aunt Nalla, we got you something!" Jadia said with excitement and Jaykin nodding in agreement while jumping up and down excited to see her.

Nalla smiled, "Why thank you." Nalla smiled as she looked at the gift, it was a heart-shaped necklace that they found. "Oh this is beautiful, thank you both," Nalla said as she hugged them. "Oh how about you two go out to the stables, there having riding lessons and there waiting on you two," Nalla said as they both dashed off towards the stables.

Nalla then looked back at Jayden, "About time you got here." Nalla said with a teasing smile, "where is Naomi?" Nalla asked as Jayden took a deep breath before explaining everything to her. Jayden couldn't tell if she was angry or concerned or what.

"Why did you let her?" Nalla said almost annoyed. "My dear sister, you know very well that I support my wife no matter what her choice is, I started dating her before she left Starfleet," Jayden replied looking at her. "Naomi is a strong woman, one that I love and will continue to support no matter what her decisions are." He added looking at his sister.

Nalla thought for a moment and just nodded, "Why are they back?" Nalla asked. "I am not sure myself but with everything that's been happening with the Klingons and such. I am sure they think that it could cause trouble for us." Jayden replied, "maybe we can set up a meeting with the Captain and find out for sure." Jayden suggested, she thought for a moment.

"Very well, you will be in charge of setting up that meeting and being their as well. I also want Naomi their as well." She said looking at him, "understood my dear sister." He replied as he bowed slightly. "Now, there are things that need to be done if you could get to work. I'll go see how the children are doing." Nalla smiled as Jayden walked into the office that he had at the palace and began to work.


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