Hawkeye Island

Task Force 86

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Posted on Thu Jul 23rd, 2020 @ 6:55pm by Commander Dira Sherren & Captain Clay Teller

Mission: Welcome Back
Location: Hawkeye Island
Timeline: MD 1

Emergency lighting in the command lobby had been restored, thanks to power being supplied by the Arrow-class runabout parked outside. Clay meandered around, trying his best to stay out of the way of all the techs and engineers taking inventory of all the EPS relays and isolinear modules that had been stripped away, and making field repairs where they could. The Captain eventually settled behind an information desk, swinging back and forth in its bar-height chair. He made a few taps on the barely active computer console, but with no uplink to Starfleet, or any of the other structures around the island, along with the command building itself barely operational, the amount of queries Clay could enter was very limited. Eventually, a tech politely asked Teller to move, and he took that as an opportunity to slowly walk back outside, completely out of everyone's way, not feeling up to another trek up all those stairs as the lifts were still out of operation.

Following the power lines back to the runabout, Clay walked up to the open door and carefully stepped over the conduits connecting to a few different points inside the ship. He knocked on the doorway, as he could hear Ensign Cooper making a personal log, embellishing the truth about his encounter with Naomi a few hours ago, saying something about how he saw her coming, and determined she was not a threat. Pausing his recording, Cooper spun around in his chair and said, "Come in, Captain. What can I do for you?"

"Could you maybe get a fix on Commander Sherren for me?" Clay asked, rather sheepishly.

"Sure," Cooper replied, spinning back around. A few taps on his console, and the holo-display above it pinged a location. "Got her at the main engineering building."

Clay nodded and replied while moving toward the transporter pad, "Could you transport me near her location?" Cooper said it wasn't a problem, and after a few commands into his console, told the captain he was ready. Standing on the pad, Clay said to the ensign, "Energize."

Hawkeye had been, for all intense and purposes practically destroyed. Maybe not in that sense but to her engineering eyes, yes. Debris all over, machine parts here, power converter pieces there, conduit debris over there, bulkheads and girders strewn all over the place. The Engineering building was a shambles. Walking around, she took mental pictures of the mess and made her list of materials needed to get the place back in shape. "Jesus it's going to take 6 months alone to put this back together," Dira said to empty air.

One thing was certain, she never had luck in assignments. 24 years of service on 8 different ships, 4 medals later she ends up here. Starfleet really must need her wizardry here, and now she can see why.....! Just then the transporter simmered, depositing Clay behind her, scaring the hell out of her making her swing with her leg to connect with the intruder. "Hy...ya," she yelled. Fortunately, he side stepped and she missed making her mad as a wet hen. "Damn it Clay! I nearly broke your damn leg. Next time knock......Welcome to my mess!," Dira said smiling. "How are your kids doing? Heard about the divorce man,"she added. "Been a while huh?," she finished chuckling.

"Yes, yes it has," Clay replied to Dira's last question, gathering his surroundings. Throwing up a thumb over his shoulder, Clay continued, "I didn't expect him to transport me that close, I apologize for the scare, but I'm glad you didn't connect," he chuckled. "And the kids are all grown, none of them stupid enough to join Starfleet like I was." Clay then slightly raised his palms toward Dira, "How about you, how are you doing, Dira? You look great! So tell me, how bad is it, Dira? The Command Buildings were stripped pretty good, looks like scrappers had a field day over here."

"You haven't changed either! You still look good, just as handsome as ever" Dira said smiling warmly. Looking at the mess, "How the hell do they expect me get this place up to specs? I know they needed me here but this....", she said pointing, "This is a disaster. I would need six teams of 30 people, working triple shifts and six months of work to get this back in shape!!", she added throwing her arms in the air.

Shaking his head slightly, Clay responded with, "Unfortunately, I think we're all we're going to be getting for a while. I requested twice the amount of officers to Starfleet, but I guess I just don't have the pull that I used to." Clay took a rather solemn look at the floor and then muttered, "Or ever had, really." Looking back up, Clay's expression changed. Forcing out a big smile, he clapped his hands and said enthuastically, "But I'm glad you're here, Dira. Wouldn't want anyone else as my right hand here."

"Well you got me here and I guess we will have to make do," Dira said disheartened.

"That's the spirit!" Clay said enthusiastically. "Anyway, you should have gotten my invitation to the senior staff dinner in two days. Finest casino on the coast of Vir island. Dress is up to you, uniform, pajamas, night gown," he smirked, "Whatever. Just be there."

"I'll be there Clay, count on it", she said kissing him on the cheek gently. "That's for just being the same guy you've always been," she added and took off for the main building.


Cmdr. Dira Sherren
Deputy Base Commander/CEO
Hawkeye Island


Capt. Clay Teller
Base Commander
Hawkeye Island


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