Hawkeye Island

Task Force 86

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Posted on Thu May 28th, 2020 @ 6:59am by Lieutenant Commander Naomi Morgan-Sharan

Mission: Mission One: A New Beginning...(Backstory)
Location: Randa Isles

Naomi made her way onto the Randa Isles, looking around at the different people rushing around gathering their daily needs. From fruits and vegetables from the local market, to other items being sold throughout the busy main streets. She had disguised her ability to be fooled to that of the locals, her name to the locals was Nadia Sheridan, "Good morning Nadia," came a familiar voice of a Raeyan women who was getting some fresh fruits. "Oh good morning Shira," Naomi replied with a smile. "How are you this lovely day?" she asked.

"Oh it's going good, just getting my weekly fruits and vegetables." Shira replied as she tossed Naomi a Raeyan fruit that resembled that of a human apple.

"Thank you," Naomi replied with a smile. "I hope you have a very good day."

"Thank you Nadia," Shira replied as they parted ways, she kept walking noticing a merchant shop that she liked to stop at now and then on her walk. Walking up she began to browse, "Good Morning Nadia, I hope your going to buy something today and not just keep looking." The merchant replied with a smile.

"Actually yes," Naomi replied with a smile as she noticed something of interest which she purchased. "Thank you," Naomi added as the Merchant nodded with a smile and she was on her way. She stuck the object in her bag for safe keeping, She kept walking, enjoying the nice cool breeze and the sun shining brightly. "What a beautiful day," She said to herself as she continued to walk towards the woods, going to where a suspected hide out was for the Eternal light. Though she had no confirmation, this is only something she had heard. She wanted to check it out while still staying a bit away so she wasn't detected.

She had gotten close when she picked up something, she began to train her mind to where that was but do so without being detected.

"Well, everything seems to be going as planned. The Typon Pact will be waging war with the Federation, since we joined them they will help us rid of the Federation for good." One Eternal Light said.

"How do you know that they will?" Another replied. "Especially with the Starfleet Marines around?" He added.

He growled, "Just because they guaranteed it, plus from the information I got, Starfleet got no match for the Breen." He replied. "We will help with the ground forces against Hawkeye Island, when it comes time." He replied.

The other guy just nodded, "Understood." He replied as they walked off in the direction that Naomi was.

Naomi blocked her mid again, switching it back to Raeyan and heading out of there before she got discovered, making her way back to the village to talk to more vendors before she headed back towards Hawkeye Island to inform the General of what she has found out. She would spend most of the day in the city, chatting with the locals and blending in.


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