Hawkeye Island

Task Force 86

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Nothing but work

Posted on Sun Apr 26th, 2020 @ 7:04pm by Lieutenant Commander Naomi Morgan-Sharan & Commander Dira Sherren

Mission: Mission One: A New Beginning...(Backstory)
Location: Outside Main Complex

Naomi had woken up early and got ready, she scanned the area as they were still having issues with the Eternal Light so she always made sure things were clear. She was Human but was born with an unusual gift, she had telepathic abilities far more power then any Betazoid. She had a great-great-great grandmother that had the same ability and didn't show itself again until her. She has learned to control her abilities, though she struggles sometimes usually when she is very angry or gets hurt.

She controlled her ability as she walked out of her apartment and headed down the courtyard towards the main complex. She had a lot to do before the new staff would arrive, she was one of only a few that stayed on Hawkeye in the switch. She was reading a padd of things that needed to be done and wasn't paying attention to where she was going.

Dira had just left her quarters and was briskly walking down the walkway. Her mind was open and absorbing all the sounds around her as she turned the corner of the path......."Ooffff....what....", falling flat on her ass and at the same time knocking the Lieutenant down as well. "Jumping gee hosaphat, what the hell?", she said starting to laugh. "Here let me help you up please. Neither of us was watching", she said giggling as she helped the Lieutenant up. "My name is Lt.Cmdr Dira Sherren. I'm the new CEO here and I apologize for colliding with you", she added, dusting herself off.

She fell flat on her rear when the other officer collided with her causing her padd to fly out of her hand and crashing on the ground and breaking. "Ow," she said as she looked at the women. She got up and just nodded picking up her broken padd and then started walking away from her. She was not a social person and tried to keep to herself as much as possible.

"Please wait.....," Dira said walking after her. "I caused your PADD to break. Please let me fix or replace it," Dira said gently. "You are new here aren't you", she added hoping to break the ice.

"No, I been here but keep to myself." Naomi said as she really didn't want to chit chat.

"Well atleast tell me what I have done to you to treat me with such coldness. Have I offended you in any way?," Dira said. Yrying to get some type of feelings from the young woman was proving difficult for the moment.

She sighed as she turned towards her, "You didn't offend me in anyway, I just don't like talking to people. I am not a social person, I don't like getting close to people and I really don't want to have to explain why. That is my personal business." She replied as she sighed.

Dira was a little sad that her first encounter with the Lieutenant had not gone the way she had hoped. "I am sorry, I only wanted to know you as a friend. That was all nothing more. I wasn't wanting to get close as you say, just know your name and how long have you been here. Are thete any good beaches around here," she asked, trying one more time to be friendly.

She sighed, "Down to road about a mile, just by the west side apartments." Naomi replied as she looked at her. "Name is Naomi." She said as she then turned to walk.

Looking where Naomi pointed, "Okay so......well great.....nice talking with you Lt. Morgan. I hope we can talk again soon", Dira said, waved and turned down the road walking quickly. Dora was kinda sad that their first meeting did not go well. Maybe next time things will be a bit better.

She looked at the women who left and then continued on her way, she had a lot of work to do and had to go find a replacement tablet and redownload her things she had on the one that broke.


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