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Lieutenant Michael Bradshaw

Name Michael Bradshaw

Position Former Crewmembers

Rank Lieutenant

Character Information

Gender Male
Species Human
Age 30

Physical Appearance

Height 6' 1"
Weight 176
Hair Color Black
Eye Color Blue
Physical Description Tall and slender, yet athletic build. His short, jet black hair contrasts his deep blue eyes and white skin. Due to both of his parents being dead and having no siblings, Michael sees Starfleet as his family and feels that he belongs to it. Because of this he is rarely found out of uniform unless it is absolutely required.


Spouse None
Father Deceased
Mother Deceased

Personality & Traits

General Overview Michael believes wholeheartedly in the law and doing whats right. Without it things de-evolve into chaos.

Quiet, yet not shy.

He can be obsessive when it comes to his work. His quarters and every one of his work environments is incredibly well organized. He has a specific place for everything and the placement of objects on his desk is memorized. He is also very proud of being in Starfleet and is never out of uniform, even when its not required.
Strengths & Weaknesses Strengths- He is un-corruptible. Integrity and honesty are words he lives by.

Weaknesses- Because of Michael's rigidness when it comes to the rules, he is usually not very well liked by his crew-mates. Does not see the grey area in things, everything is black and white and right and wrong.
Ambitions Bradshaw seeks excellence in everything he does and he demands nothing less from his subordinates. He want's to command a ship of his own someday.
Hobbies & Interests No real hobbies, tends to spend his free time either working or doing physical fitness.

Personal History Michael Bradshaw was born in 2369 on the Planet Earth in the Nebraska area. His father, an officer in Starfleet was killed in a classified incident when he was an infant. Bradshaw was then raised by his single mother on a small farm where they lived happily for many years. The life was hard but it was the kind of work that he enjoyed. He particularly liked raising the animals and eventually became attached to them. As he grew older he refused to slaughter the animals and as a result him and his mother became Vegetarians, which he is still to this day; even refusing to eat the processed meat from the replicators.

When Michael was around 16 years old, he had expressed an interest in joining Starfleet. His mother was completely against this idea and refused to allow it. Two years later his mother passed away of natural causes and with nothing left keeping him on the farm he enlisted in Starfleet services academy with the intention of becoming an engine technician.

So at the age of 18 he was prepping to be shipped off to the Mars Technical Services Academy when an old friend of his fathers intervened and instead put in a recommendation to have him sent to the Officers Academy in San Francisco where he would train to be an officer instead. Michael still does not know who this anonymous benefactor was.

At the Academy Michael found he excelled in languages, becoming fluent in Klingon. He also showed high aptitude in martial arts, self defense and weapons. He graduated in the middle of his class with a Major in Security Operations and a Minor in Alien Languages.

Upon graduation he was assigned to a Space Station on the outskirts of the Betreka Nebula in the Tau Lyrae System. He was give the rank of Ensign and put in charge of the 3rd shift security team.

Service Record 2387 - Accepted into the Starfleet Academy San Francisco

2391 - Graduated Starfleet Academy with a Major in Security Operations and a Minor is XenoLinguistics.

2391 - Assigned to Space Station on the outskirts of the Betreka Nebula in the Tau Lyrae System

2393 - Promoted to Lieutenant JG.

2396 - Promoted to Deputy Security Chief

2399 - Promoted to Lieutenant

2399 - Assigned to Hawkeye Island as the Chief of Security