Randa Islands

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Randa Islands

The Randa Islands is an archipelago on Raeya 3. Being home to some of the richest and most powerful Raeyans, while also having a heritage going back for centuries, the islands are the most well known area on the planet. The islands sit in the southern tropics of Raeya's western hemisphere. There are a few similarities between the Randa Islands and Earth's Hawaii archipelago. Characterized by the lush jungles running through the areas that haven't been developed along with the casinos and beautiful beaches make the Randa Islands the premier tourist spot on Raeya 3. The governmental leader of the chain is known as the Prime Minister of the Randa Islands, and Jarod Fllacti used to hold that position before he was killed. The Holy Monarch of the Randa Islands is the title for the person who owns most of the land and much of the property on the islands. Queen Jadia Nalla Sharan was the former Monarch, but was killed with Jarod Fllacti. No replacement for either has been picked yet.


First inhabited by Raeyans over 7 centuries ago, the Randa Islands were always known as a haven for the rich and fortunate Raeyans. The islands were originally discovered by Skyil Randa, a maritime explorer, the islands were quickly established by a few rich slavers, chiefly to escape the fact that Raeyan slavery was quickly dying at the time. However, even on the new islands, slavery did continue for much longer. Eventually, the Randa Islands became a haven for the rich, to escape persecution and taxes, due to the isolated location, and pleasing climate. As time went on, and Raeya 3 became mapped, the islands couldn't hide. Rather than move, the inhabitants turned the islands into a premier tourist spot on the planet, and the economy became self sustaining.

The advent of Raeyan space travel started on the Randa Islands as well, as the islands had virtually no laws governing the environment or scientific research. The first space craft were launched from Kumikasho island. While warp drive was developed elsewhere on the planet, the Randa Islands still hold an important space port. In 2310, with the creation of the Raeyan Dytaal, the Randa Islands, as privately owned areas of land, choose not to incorporate each city on the island, instead forming their own smaller government, the leader of which would be the Randa Island representative to the Dytaal Council. This person is known as the Prime Minister of the Randa Islands.

With first contact with the Federation in 2372, the Raeyan culture began to quickly change, as their religion began to slowly die. With Starbase Bravo in orbit, and several other Starfleet installations around the sector, the Raeyans began discussing the possibility for a base to be built on their planet. The debate on where exactly a base would be built raged on until Queen Jadia Nalla Sharan, owner of a majority of the islands, voluntarily donated Nutari to the Federation in 2375 with a 100 year lease agreement. The island was renamed to Hawkeye, and an Academy campus was built and commissioned in 2376. The base changed roles shortly after to a Starfleet Marine Corps installation. With the outbreak of the C'hakilian War, and the entire planet conquered, the Randa Islands saw the most concentrated C'hakilian forces, and an underwater base was built, several kilometers away from the islands. The planet was eventually liberated, but Raeyan public opinion became to falter.

Queen Sharan, a staunch supporter of the Federation and the person who donated the land, public condemned the Federation. She cited the inability to adequately protect Raeya 3 and the colony of Raeya 2, which was completely destroyed during the war. With the rise of anti-Federation group Eternal Light, the Federation has constantly battled hostile public opinion on the planet, with Prime Minister Jarod Fllacti being one of the few to side with Starfleet. Shortly after a change of command in 2384, a massive hurricane named E'tal struck the islands, the eye pointed at Hawkeye. Relief efforts went underway, but several Raeyans were killed. In 2386, genetically engineered planet that caused hallucinations based on the individual's psyche spread throughout the islands. Most were under the plant's effects, but was eventually put to a halt. Both Queen Sharan and Prime Minister Fllacti both decided to formally request that the Federation leave Hawkeye, but they were killed by the Eternal Light before that could happen. Currently under temporary Dytaal control until replacements for both positions can be found, the future of the Randa Islands remains unclear, but most realize that help from Starfleet is the best thing.


The Randa Islands consist of 11 main islands, and around 2 dozens smaller land masses, and fairly densely packed. Situated in the Fiorel Ocean, 1,348 km from nearest continent (which contains the capital city of Raeya 3, Martonye), the islands run chiefly north to south. In the southern tropics, the islands are home to lush jungles and plant life, along with several Raeyan animal species. The main islands are characterized by the largest areas, and commonly have narrow, fairly shallow rivers running through them. Main islands are typically separated by at least 1.5 kilometers by a deep river main. Main islands commonly end with sheer or very steep drops those the main rivers.


The northern most island, with an area of around 350 km2. Bohrok, owned by the Randa Royal Family, is known mostly for the private collection of animals for the Royal family, and a large training ground for the Rocnar, animals with a similar function as to Earth horses. Mostly uninhabited, the island was also home to Bohrok Castle, an ancient fortress built by the Bohrok family, of which the Royal Family used for specialty meetings. Queen Jadia Nalla Sharan and her family with Prime Minister Jarod Fllacti gathered in Bohrok Castle to formally request that the Federation leave the Randa Islands. However, the castle and all inside were killed by an Eternal Light bombing before that could happen.


The largest island, with an area of around 1625 km2. Home to museums, several large stadiums, some housing districts, but more notably, the official home of the Royal Family, and was where Jadia Nalla Sharan was born. Sparsely populated, Randa Isle Prime is also owned by the Royal Family. This island is commonly called "prime isle" or "Randa prime." Randa Prime was also the first island discovered in the archipelago, thereby giving the same for the collective islands.


The western most island, Alkonost is by far the most separated island. With an area of only 176 km2 and over 18 km off the coast of Randa Isle Prime, it is home to very few inhabitants. Alkonost is the only main island not owned by the royal family.


Nuarata Nui is the most heavily populated island, with an area of 843 km2 and a population of 1.2 million. Nuarta Nui and Mata Nui are nearly an exact mirror copies of each other, which is why the two islands are commonly called sister islands. Former Prime Minister Jarod Fllacti was born on Nuarata Nui. Nuarta Nui and Mata Nui are directly next to each other as well, just to the southeast of Randa Isle Prime.


A near perfect mirror, geographically, of Nuarta Nui, Mata Nui is the significantly less populated of the two, with Raeyans. With animals, however, Mata Nui is the most populated and varied. Because of this, this island is a popular hunting ground. Both sister islands are commonly referred together, but is mostly referring to Nuarta Nui.


Gamayun is a unique island just to the west of the Nui islands, and has an area of around 698 km2. Gamayun is the most rocky and rough island, with a peak of 992 meters above sea level, the highest point on the Randa Islands. Because of the somewhat mountainous nature of Gamayun, it is a popular spot for would-be adventurers and rock climbers. However, the island has only a few hundred inhabitants.


Bannik Isle is the smallest main island, and only has an area of 65 km2. The island sit just between Gamayun and Norehsa. Contrary to Gamayun, Bannik Isle is incredibly flat, and only rises just a few meters above sea level. Because of this, Bannik has zero inhabitants, as when the tide kicks up, the ocean can and has completely covered Bannik Isle. As a result, Bannik is incredibly dense of plant life.


Another large island, just northeast of Vir, Norehsa's area is 1045 km2. Somewhat unremarkable, Noresha is about an average the rest of the Randa Islands. Some hills, a few thousand inhabitants, Norehsa is home to the Randa Island government chambers.


The second largest island, Vir is about 1245 km2 in area. Vir is the well known tourist spot, just to the north of Hawkeye. With a vast and rich beach, and several casinos, hotels, mega resorts, and shopping malls, Vir sees millions of visitors a year. Raeyans from all over the planet know of Vir's repuation as a rich party island. While it used to be a popular spot for other Federation species in the Raeyan Sector, with a majority of Starfleet forces having left the sector, alien guests have dropped significantly.


Previously known as Nutari, Hawkeye is a Starfleet base that covers the entire island, an area of about 653 km2. The land was donated in 2375 by the Sharan family with the hopes of strengthening a bond between the Federation and Raeyan people. Hawkeye was an unused island, so it made the most sense to donate to the Federation. In 2376, the base now known as Hawkeye Island was opened, originally as a Starfleet Academy campus, but soon changed roles to a strong and powerful Starfleet Marine Corps base, and spread from one single spot to spread across the entire landmass.


The southern most main island, just to the southeast of Hawkeye, Kumikasho is home to the Raeyan space program. The island does have an area of 723 350 km2. The first space worthy ships the Raeyans built were launched from Kumikasho. While the Raeyans space activity has slowed, with war and the destruction of Raeya 2, Kumikasho holds a space port for visitors and still launches the occasional probe or satellite.