Raeyan System

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Raeyan System

The heart of the Raeyan Sector. The star system has been at the focal point of many events in the Federation's history in the sector. With a fairly average unremarkable star in the center, a native sentient species evolved, the Raeyans. The system was once completely conquered by the C'hakilian Empire during the conflict between that empire and the Federation, but once the system was taken back, life started to return to normal. Always boasting the most powerful Starfleet force in the sector, through several starbases, a planetary base, and even fleet yards, the Raeyan System was always the most important place in the region. Even after most of the Federation's forces have left the sector for various reasons, the Reayan System still sits as the most powerful star system in the sector through Hawkeye Island.


A hard, rocky planet sharing similar properties to Sol's Mercury. Consisting of mostly common metals, such as nickle and iron, this terrestrial planet is mostly ignored and doesn't serve in any economical way to the system. Raeya I appears dark grey and has one moon.


A fairly dry planet, Raeya II was the first colony the Raeyan people established. It grew as a main energy and material producer for the Raeyans, eventually serving the Federation, too. The planet became to been seen as a pinnacle of Raeyan technology and science, having been terraformed and colonized decades before first contact with the Federation. During the C'hakilian War, the C'hakilian Empire destroyed the planet, the population at the time at over three-quarter of a million Raeyans. Many Raeayans, especially ones in political power, blamed the Federation for the planet's destruction, citing the Federation's slow march back into the system. That blame has led to tense diplomatic relations with the Raeyans, but most Raeyans do recognize the protection that Hawkeye Island still has to offer. Primarly in three large pieces, the planet's remains can still be seen in the Raeya III night sky if close enough. Early estimates suggest that the remains will break apart, and in 7,000-10,000 years, will be the system's second asteroid belt. Raeya II appeared a light bronze color with small, artificially planted oceans when it was colonized, and didn't have any moons.


A lush class M planet, and home of the Raeyan people, who were responsible for the name of the entire sector. It has also seen some of the most concentrated Federation presence, through the former Starbase Bravo, and the current Hawkeye Island. With Starbase Bravo being the first starbase the Fourth Fleet established in the system, and Hawkeye Island soon afterward, Raeya III has been at the focal point of sector operations for years. Even with only a few Federation outposts and ships left in the sector, Raeya III still sits as one of the main reasons why Starfleet is still around. Suffering hardship during the war, the planet was completely conquered by the C'hakilian Empire, with thousands of Raeyans killed, along with the hundreds of thousands on the colony Raeya II. The Federation eventually liberated the planet, but diplomatic relations between the UFP and Raeyan people have remained on edge since. Still a Federation protectorate, Raeya III holds the most powerful Starfleet presence left in the sector.


Established shortly after the Fourth Fleet's arrival to the Raeyan Sector, Hawkeye remains the biggest and most powerful Federation presence left in the region. Originally being built as a marine base, boasting the largest marine numbers serving the sector, the planetary base has since been adapted to more general purposes. With a strong Corps of Engineers, diplomatic, sciences, and marine departments, the base can function on it's own, while still providing what it can to Raeya and beyond. While Hawkeye's primary goal is to provide protection and aide to the Reayan people, it is also the diplomatic focal point of the Raeyan Sector. With the fleet yards that used to sit in the system gone, Hawkeye now boasts four drydocks, to aid in any type of repair, from minor to severe, for any Federations ships requiring it.


The system's first and closest gas giant roughly 55,000 kilometers in diameter. The atmosphere consists of mostly helium. Raeya IV does have a fairly solid core, which in theory, a starship could land on, but the pressure from the helium would be enough to crush the hull of any ship within the Federation. There is also a "ring" around the planet, relativity thin, but still very visible. Raeya IV has a small Raeyan outpost in orbit for scientific research of both the planet and the rest of the system. That is the only Raeyan starbase left in the system after the destruction of Raeya II. Raeya IV appears green and has five moons.


The systems only asteroid field, much denser than Sol's. Formerly the home of Avalon Fleet Yards. Scientific analysis suggests that it may have been a terrestrial planet at one point, tens of thousands of years ago but the core's pressure cause the planet to explode. Some theories have said that explosion is what nudged Raeya III into the habitable zone of the system's star.


Another gas giant, and by far the largest diameter planet in the system, able to fit all the other planets in it's volume. A hydrogen-rich atmosphere with no solid core. Raeya V appears purple and has one moon.


A rather large terrestrial planet, Raeya VI is probably one of the most interesting planets in the system. Covered in a layer of ice several kilometers thick, Raeya VI was used for the oceans on Raeya II. Chunks of ice were cut and moved in system and carefully transplanted on Raeya II. Underneath the ice lies a planet about 50% larger than Pluto. Being so far away from the star, Raeya VI barely reflects any light, and doesn't have any moons.


Raeyan astronomical have counted exactly one dozen comets of various sizes and materials traveling throughout the system. With the next star several light years away, there are some other anomalies just outside the Raeya system. Chief of which is a tear in spacetime known also as "The Scar." Originated by a prototype FTL drive that malfunctioned, deployed out of Starbase Bravo, it has caused some strange events in the past. There is a quarantine zone around the tear with navigational beacons and subspace inhibitors to keep the tear from getting any larger (and also help keep it somewhat stable), and teams on both Hawkeye Island and Daystrom are working to find a way to safely seal The Scar once and for all.