Raeyan Sector Block

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Raeyan Sector Block

The Raeya Sector Block, also known as Sector 349 or RSB. It was the area of operations for Task Force 58 from its discovery in 2372 until early 2386 when Starfleet withdrew a majority of its assets from the region, leaving only a fringe set of assets behind to support existing colonies. However, with increasing hostilities between the Klingon Empire and the Romulan Star Empire following the Hobus Incident, it’s importance has now returned and, following the Treaty of Nelvana, the Raeya Sector Block is now part of Task Force 93’s area of operations.


The Raeya Sector Block is one sector in size and is an incredibly varied region of space, boasting a plethora of habitable planets, species, and stellar phenomena. The area is rich in minerals and other resources that it is considered an important region to be involved with. The Federation, Romulan Star Empire, Klingon Empire and the Sovereignty of Kahless are in some way present in the RSB.

In terms of straight-line distance, the Raeya Sector Block is forty light years away from the Federation territory; however, the RSB is surrounded by more than one species. Such as the Krazzle Republic, C'hakilian Empire, Klingon Empire, Sovereignty of Kahless and majority lies across the Romulan Star Empire.

  • The Big Three - Within the Raeya Sector Block, The Big Three are considered the following planets; Raeya III, Faltan III and Union III. These planets are in some way a big player in their fields. Faltan is considered a wealthy tourist and mining location, Union is seen as the industrial engine and Raeya is known for its rich fertile grounds that gives them a lead in both tourist and agriculture.
  • Concord League - This group of planets, that are located in the Raeya Sector Block, have signed the Concord League agreement. The agreement gives the ability to create and establish close economic and political cooperation between the planets. The following planets are a member of this agreement:
    • Raeya III
    • Faltan III
    • Union III
    • Sinela IV
    • Karr Colony
    • Rumlla V
    • Canopus VII
    • Niveq II
    • Kovar Colony
  • The following planets are considered not-colonized by anyone.
    • Trinity IV
    • New Victoria
    • Rumlla V


The Raeya Sector Block is one of the oldest areas of operations for the Fourth Fleet. Situated between four major powers, it is a busy trade region, and, given its separation from the core territories of the United Federation of Planets, activity within the region required vast infrastructure development as a self-sustaining region for operations, colonies, trading, mining, exploration and discovery.

While the history of the sector and it's native inhabitants can go back for centuries, Federation involvement began in 2372. The Fourth Fleet was a year into its operations when a portal was found linking the Alpha Quadrant to an unexplored and unclaimed region of the Beta Quadrant beyond the Klingon Empire|Klingon and Romulan empires. The region gained its name when Starfleet made first contact with the warp-capable Raeyans and, soon thereafter, the area around Raeya became a hub of activity, eventually hosting the original Starbase Bravo, as well as numerous other facilities such as Avalon Fleet Yards and Hawkeye Island.

Expansion of the sector soared throughout the 2370s, and the Fourth Fleet established Task Force 58 to manage Raeya Sector Block operations. The Federation brokered trade deals, made numerous first contacts, established colonies, and developed self-sustaining infrastructure. However, it was not all smooth sailing. In 2378, war broke out with the C'hakilian Empire, an expansionist interstellar power bordering the sector. The C’hakilian Empire managed to overtake Starfleet and occupy the region for over a year before a joint Starfleet-Klingon task force drove the C’hakilians back behind their borders and drew out a truce. A fragile peace was again threatened in 2380 when a rogue military faction within the C’hakilian Empire again attacked the Federation before being repulsed. Soon thereafter, a C’hakilian exploratory team was exposed to a virus that began to spread throughout the populace, and the C’hakilians retreated into a period of isolation that has persisted ever since.

Life continued within the region for a number of years following, but with the region charted and more pressing concerns on the horizon, Task Force 58 was dissolved in early 2386 and the majority of its assets reassigned elsewhere. Only a skeleton contingent was left behind to protect and support the few remaining Federation colonies.

Surrounded by the Romulan Star Empire, the Klingon Empire, the C'hakilian Empire and the Krazzle Republic, some skeptics worried that this move might lead to another power struggle for the region. Such worries did not come to pass. The Federation was bettering ties with the Romulan and Klingon Empires, the C’hakilians had withdrawn behind their borders to deal with a virus afflicting their populate, and the Krazzle were engaged in an internal political shift from empire to republic; consequently, the Federation colonies in the region were unthreatened and Starfleet took for granted the minimal effort it took to maintain the region's few remaining facilities.

However, when the Hobus star went hypernova in April 2387, it damaged the subspace portal to the Raeya Sector Block. With Task Force 93 operating inside of Romulan territory to support the fragile Empire, this development was only a passing concern given the open borders of the Empire; however, when the tides of Romulan politics turned against the Federation following the Algorab Summit, the Raeya Sector Block was catapulted back to the forefront of concerns as fears developed that it could be completely cut off from the rest of the Federation.

In negotiating the Treaty of Nelvana that closed the Romulan borders, transit to the Raeya Sector Block was a key topic. A compromise was made that ceded a five light year wide corridor of space along the Klingon-Romulan border to the Federation, in exchange for Starfleet's assistance maintaining a buffer zone against Klingon aggression. In addition to administering this new Raeyan Transit Corridor, Task Force 93 has now also been assigned the daunting task of resuscitating the Raeya Sector Block, as it’s importance has now returned with renewed concerns abound regarding both the Romulan Star Empire and the Klingon Empire.

Notable Species

Interstellar Powers

There are various interstellar powers present and at work in the Raeya Sector Block:

  • Federation - The Federation is considered in the RSB as a big contractor in terms of resources and trading. Many civilian companies from the Federation have come in the RSB to set shop and get on the train ride of profit and opportunities.
  • Romulan Star Empire - While the Romulans don't show any interest in the RSB, they are involved in various affairs of trading in the Raeya Transit Corridor. They see the RSB as a potential growing threat but have no reason to act. They are however interested in the development of the Stellar Phenomena dubbed by the RSB citizen as 'Meridian Cloud' in the north pass Deep Space 19.
  • Klingon Empire - The Klingons have only interest in resources and manufacturing deals that are made with Union III companies. However, the occasion scout has been spotted in RSB space.

Regional Powers

There are local space-faring powers in the region, they can be classified as a minority interstellar power (based on the count of planets colonized or in control) or as an independent power (based of having only one planet under control). The following are considered a minority interstellar power:

  • Sovereignty of Kahless - The Sovereignty of Kahless, or also known as SoK, has been mainly interested in the Raeya Transit Corridor. But they have their eyes peered at the Raeya Sector Block. It is still unknown what their motives or standing is towards the RSB.
  • Krazzle Republic - The Krazzle have a healthy relationship with various independent powers within the RSB. Space traffic between the RSB and the republic space is considered quite busy.
  • Trigati Republic - The Trigati have ties with various interstellar powers, but keep themselves distant from the affairs within the RSB due that they do not approve of the current policy that is done or carried out by the powers that operate within it. However, Trigati ships have been seen traveling through the RSB to deliver their trade goods with the Romulan Star Empire and the Federation.
  • C'hakilian Empire - Since the C'hakilian War that was between the Federation and C'hakilian Empire, there has not been any contact between the C'hakilian people. Thought in the past the C'hakilian and the RSB did have a healthy relationship between each other in terms of the non-aggressive act and trading contracts.

Independent Powers

  • Raeya III - Raeya III is a lush M-class world with a native humanoid species, the Raeyans, who were the first species to make contact with the Federation in the sector. Ever since the departure of the majority of Federation assets, the Raeyans have maintained their status as a Federation protectorate, although relations have grown increasingly tense.
  • Faltan III - Faltan III, is home to the Falteans and where the Starfleet base 'Faltan Station' is located. Located at the far end of the Raeyan Transit Corridor and the beginning of the Raeya Sector Block. Faltan is seen as a strategic location to gain access to vital areas.
  • Union III - The Union system is home to nine planets and a G-type star. Many of the planets and moons in the system are notable for their high concentration of dilithium ore, and it was once home to an Iconian Gateway to the Delta Quadrant. Because of its strategic importance before this gateway was destroyed, it was the site of numerous conflicts including the Battle of Union.

Stellar Phenomena

Home to several phenomena, the Raeyan sector has some interesting and notable anomalies and navigational hazards.


A region of space north of Faltan, Trinity, and Niveq, the Raeyan badlands are similar to the Alpha Quadrant badlands, containing plasma storms and relatively large gravitational anomalies. However, the Raeyan Sector badlands aren't nearly as dense or as volatile as the badlands bordering the Cardassian Union, although most ships still avoid them.


  • 2372 the Federation entered the Raeya Sector Block and came in contact with the Raeyans
  • In 2378 war broke out with the C'hakilian Empire
  • 2380 the C'hakilian Empire became an isolated empire after a deadly virus was spreading among its people.
  • Task Force 58 was dissolved in 2386 and only a skeleton framework of Starfleet ships and stations stayed behind.
  • In 2387, the Romulan star Hobus went supernova and damaging the quick wormhole to the Raeya Sector Block.
    • Following the Algorab Summit, the Raeya Sector Block was catapulted back to the forefront of concerns as fears developed that it could be completely cut off from the rest of the Federation.
  • In 2388 the Federation seeks a stable ground operation that protects the entree to the RSB and reoccupies Faltan Station once again.
    • With the return of Starfleet at Faltan III, the diplomatic status became very weak between the Falteans and Starfleet. Early rapports of intelligence dictate that corruption has grown in the governmental system of Faltan III.
    • At the first attempt of a healthy meeting with the Faltan governor, Captain Refelian was shot and hospitalized due to severe injury.
    • A day later the governor of Faltan III was murdered and the tension if not friction became only more between the Faltean population and Starfleet present.
  • Various reports in the field of Faltan III state that there is a certain amount of corruption present at the planet. The infamous Death Squad has been spotted in early of 2389 and Starfleet Security has alerted Starfleet personnel at Faltan III to be careful with them.
    • Rivka Käser is located at a night club at Jaifnard on Faltan III, field operatives do not engage the target.
    • The Romulan ambassador is kidnapped after a bombing was done upon the newly build embassy at Faltan Station. She later returned unharmed.
    • Atuginia is hit by an unknown plague that takes most of its population. The cult, Sacred Bones, take advantage of the weak condition and spread their wicked and strange beliefs among the people.
    • The west district of Faltan is blacked out due to communication and Red Guard personnel problems.
    • Union colony is hit with various incidents, such as an unknown explosion at a factory, a sports drink fraud and asteroid belt raids by an unknown force.
  • The Icarus incident occurs in April of 2389
    • Research combined joint operations between the big three to improve their warp engines ended into a devastating explosion in the New Victoria system. USS Icarus noticed certain disturbing power-ups and when arriving for the third time at the scene, they noticed the Raeyan ship a poor attempt to jump into slipstream with an incomplete engine. The Icarus tried to stop the jump by disabling the ship's engines, but it was too late.
    • The Big Three announce their meeting in reaction to the Icarus Incident, this confirms The Scoop early reports that the three were going to meet.