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Raeyan Dytaal Council

The Raeyan Dytaal, also called the Dytaal Council, or simply just Dytaal, is the planetary government for the planet Raeya 3 and the Raeyans.


Chiefly made up of all Mayors of all incorporated Raeyan cities, the Dytaal council is responsible for any and all planetary decisions regarding Raeya 3 and the Raeyans culture. In addition to over one hundred Mayors, that also include the Prime Minister of the Randa Islands, the full time Senior Ministers head up the departments for Health, Education, Finance, Scientific & Technological Advancement, and also includes the Secretary of the Raeyan Guard. There is also a representative from the Federation on the Dytaal, and is a full fledged voting position. The leader of the Dytaal Council, with the title of "President of the Dytaal", is elected from within the council itself, along with the Senior Ministers. The President, and Senior Ministers, make up the most powerful positions of the council, and levels of influence between the Mayors are established by the population of their respective cities, from a biyearly planetary census.

The President and Senior Ministers are voted from within the council of mayors. Once elected as a Senior Minister, the Mayor gives up his or her position as mayor of that city to take up the Minister position full time. While in theory, a President can be elected straight from the group of Mayors, in the entire history of the Dytaal, that has yet to happen. Each President has been chosen from an existing Senior Minister. Each Mayor has a vote power of one, but Mayors of larger cities generally have more political pull than ones of smaller cities, while a Minister vote counts as two. The President has the power to veto and can debate and issue in the council, but the President does not vote on issues. Only the slightest majority is needed to for a motion to pass, but if the President vetoes, a 2/3 majority re-vote is required for it to override the President's veto.

Mayoral elections are voted on by the citizens of each city, and are conducted every two years in tandem with the planetary census. Ministers can be elected and thrown out as the rest of the council sees fit, through various challenges and such, and the council election of the President is conducted every 5 years. There is no term limit for any Dytaal position. The Federation representative on the council is chosen and formally requested to join the Dytaal. If that Federation member declines, then the Dytaal will choose another possible candidate and ask them. General council meets weekly, and Mayors can proxy their vote if they are otherwise too occupied to attend a general council gathering. Emergency council requires every Dytaal member to be present. As of 2386, there were 127 Mayors (including the Prime Minister of the Randa Islands), with the 5 Ministers (including the Secretary of the Raeyan Guard), one Federation representative, and one President.


With the invention of superluminal speeds in 2305, the Raeyans suddenly seemed a lot smaller. With the colonization of Raeya 2 quickly becoming a reality, it was clear that Raeya 3 needed a solidified, singular governing power. With the Mayors of each city being the highest form of government on the planet, each Mayor agreed to meet and discuss plans for ratifying a new government. For several weeks, the Mayors met in council, discussing hundreds of ideas for different types of governments, authority, and who would head up this new age. Nothing that was suggested on the floor was even drawn up, and a planetary government seemed to have died before it started until someone, Kopaka Dytaal, suggested that these Mayors then make up the governing council. Documents were drawn up, and soon after the idea for the Senior Ministers and President came. After several censuses, and hammering out incorporated cities and what departments the Senior Ministers would make up, the council gathered to official but this new government into power. Elections within the Council were held in 2310, and the first President became Jaller Vorzakh, and he named the Council after the Raeyan instrumental in its creation, and so it became known the Raeyan Dytaal Council.

One of the first decision the Dytaal made was to combine all armed forces under one banner, the Raeyan Guard. For decades, the Dytaal expanded as the Raeyan people grew. With Raeyans officially colonizing Raeya 2 in 2331, the Dytaal moved to set up another Senior Minister position representing this new and fascinating world for the Raeyan people. Even at this time, the Raeyans and Dytaal believed that traveling outside of their system was impossible. Reasons behind this was that they believed their gods did not wish for them to leave, or that they simply couldn't survive outside a certain distance of their planet. This was reinforced as probes and manned exploration ships that were launched had lost contact with the Raeyans. The Dytaal council even passed a motion that no other ships would leave the Raeyan System. In 2372, the Dytaal had to confront that they weren't quite alone in the universe as once thought.


With the Fourth Fleet moving operations to the Raeyan Sector, first contact was made with the Raeyans. The Federation fascinated the Raeyans and Dytaal, the science and technology being decades ahead of the Raeyans. Welcoming Starfleet with open arms, the Dytaal allow the Federation to use their system, and it quickly became the center of the sector. Becoming the center of Fourth Fleet operations, the Dytaal and Raeyan people looked in awe as things such as Avalon Fleet Yards, Starbase Bravo, classified temporal research facilities, and other starbases were built on their doorstep, with Hawkeye Island actually on the planet.

The Dytaal Council filed for Federation Protectorate status soon after Starfleet's arrival, and was quickly accepted. A new era of technological advancement took over Raeyan life, and the Dytaal struggled to keep up with the rapidly changing society. Not every Raeyan enjoyed the Federation militarizing their system, which gave way to the Eternal Light, the first form of terrorisim the Raeyans had even seen. The Dytaal's power diminished somewhat, as they were forced to pass Federation laws to secure them as a Protectorate, and were at the heel of the massive Starfleet presence in the system.

2378, the year the C'hakilian War started, resulting the C'hakilian Empire conquering the Raeyan Sector and occuping Raeya 3, running the Starfleet forces off Hawkeye Island through a secret underwater base in the very oceans of Raeya. The Dytaal was powerless as the C'hakilians slaughtered Raeyans in extreme numbers. Over 30 members of the Council itself were killed. As the Federation finally started making its way back into the sector, along with the resistance on the surface of Raeya 3, the C'hakilians destroyed Raeya 2 as punishment, killing over three quarters of a million Raeyans.

Raeya 3 was one of the last installations liberated from C'hakilian control in 2378. As the Raeyans and Dytaal slowly started to pick up the pieces, political resistance began. Several Mayors wanted the Federation thrown out, but most realized that to rebuild, they needed the Federation's assistance more than ever. The Dytaal was slowly put back together, and they invited another Federation representative to serve with them, Federation Ambassador to Raeya Brittany Ashby. In 2384, when Hawkeye switched roles, the Dytaal welcome the change, even if the island quickly saw distaster. After most Starfleet forces left the sector, leaving Hawkeye the only installation left in the system, the Dytaal has looked to the island base for the support that the governing members need, the wounds from the war still sore.