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Hawkeye Island History

Originally commissioned as a Marine Base, Hawkeye Island previous served as the headquarters of Starfleet Marines in Raeyan Sector. Now tasked with being one of the last Federation and Starfleet outposts in this heavily contested and active area of the Beta Quadrant, the base is under more pressure than ever to keep the sector from falling into chaos.

The island of Hawkeye, part of the Randa Islands chain, on the planet Raeya III was donated to the United Federation of Planets in 2376. Measuring roughly 37 km long and 40 km wide with an area of just over 653 square kilometers, a base was built shortly after. The new planetary base gave the Federation the largest single presence of force in the Raeyan Sector and also gave the Raeyans themselves a sense of security, however, there has always been political resistance from some of the local political elite. The base was also home to the 2nd Marine Expeditionary Force until late 2384 when a transfer of command made Hawkeye Island the head quarters of the Fourth Fleet's Task Force 58 in addition to its original marines. Several changes of status later, Hawkeye now stands as a simple planetary base responsible for keeping Raeya (a Federation protectorate world) and any Federation property still in the sector safe and secure.

Situated in the tropics on Raeya 3, Hawkeye shares many other geographical similarities with the other Randa Islands, such as a long beach along the western side of the island and many small, fairly shallow, rivers running throughout the landmasses. Jungle takes over in what undeveloped parts there are of Hawkeye, and some wildlife still roams the island. The base itself is home to over 50,000 officers and anywhere from 4,000 to 6,000 civilians that work on the base at any given time. Since the departure of the 2nd Marine Expeditionary Force, the number of regular Starfleet officers is now more than 50% of the total Starfleet population. It also boasts extensive defensive systems, with dozens of weapons platforms around the island and a custom shielding system which covers the entire island. Three starships are attached to the island, the USS Devastator, USS Kilo, and USS John Glenn. Along with the capital ships, 25 classes of various runabouts, 40 shuttlecraft and the 106th Blue Wolves fighter wing are assigned to Hawkeye. With the departure of most Starfleet forces from the sector, four Type X Drydocks were built in orbit to handle any major repairs for Federation friendly starships. Two of the drydocks are named Catherine Davillia and Robin Johnson docking stations in honor of former Hawkeye officers. On the island itself, there is enough room for 8 Intrepid Class-sized ships to land and receive supplies. The base also has a complex power system, with a dozen matter/antimatter generators providing the primary power for the base.


The island was donated by the Sharan family, the richest Raeyans on the planet and owners of most of the Randa Islands and island property. In 2376 the Federation built a base which was originally an extension for Starfleet Academy. Soon afterward, the base changed roles to be the single biggest Starfleet Marine Corps presense in the sector. Since Raeya III is not a member world, but a Federation Protectorate in the Raeyan Sector, the Federation resides on the planet by privilege.

The base has a long history of being the first planetary base the Fourth Fleet built in the sector and consistently being at the center of sector affairs. Originally built over a small area, the base has since spread out over the entire island. Hawkeye has had many different commanding officers and has been assigned to several task forces over it's existence so far. Some of the former commanding officer's include William Coast-Endas, Janice Fultain, Amanda Lee, Dimitri Hunt, and Rae Ann Worth.

During the C'hakilian War the entire Reayan System was occupied by the C'hakilian Empire. In that time, General Dimitri Hunt commanded the base along with the 2nd Marine Expeditionary Force. When Federation forces took back the system, including Avalon Fleet Yards, Raeya 3 still remained under C'hakilian control. A coordinated plan to destroy an underwater base through subversive strike craft succeeded in destroying the bulk of the C'hakilian's hold on the planet. The battle cost nearly 250 Federation lives. The C'hakilians agreed to surrender, with their only hold on the planet being Hawkeye Island. However, they used it as a ruse to ambush Starfleet forces. The C'hakilians were dealt with quickly and driven off the planet in 2379. Since then, rebuilding efforts have continuously been underway and almost no scars, besides any memorials, remain of the invasion. Political resistance is present, but much of it has quieted since the Raeyan population has begun to appreciate what Federation presence offers the planet. One of the most outspoken groups against the Federation is the Eternal Light, a Raeyan terrorist group responsible for a limited number bombings and attacks.

In 2384 the island was split with the creation of a command division under Christopher Johnson and the Marine Corps presence dropped significantly. The 2MEF has left and has been replaced by a new division of marines, named the 1st Raeyan Sector Marines. This new marine division is commanded by Tom Bertlos. These marines serve in more than just combat roles including engineering, flight operations, medical and more.


In late 2384 a monumental transfer of command took place from Rae Ann Worth to Christopher Johnson. This signaled the point where Hawkeye was given a radical change of direction from a purpose-built marine facility to the multipurpose base of joint Starfleet and Marine Corps operations. Additional buildings were constructed, re-purposed, or demolished to correspond with this change. This also saw the shift from the 2MEF to the 1st Raeyan Sector Marines. Hawkeye now serves as the Federation's operational and diplomatic center to the entire Raeyan Sector, a main resupply post for Federation ships, and protection for the Raeyan people.

Hawkeye was a place of celebration upon the induction of it's new commanding officer, Vice Admiral Christopher Johnson, senior staff, and crew. Despite a small altercation with a would-be assailant, everything was established without issue. Construction began on command base facilities to suit the command of the sector.

An unexpected visit from mother nature brought something most weather-controlled planets never see. A super strength hurricane, subsequently named E'tal, headed straight for the Randa Islands with the eye tracked directly at Hawkeye. The crew scrambled to try and dissipate it while preparing the base to be hit. Massive evacuations of non-essential personnel and civilians took place. In addition, the Omega Directive was implemented, locking down key facilities and grounding all craft. A shuttle crashed into Shorn Correctional Facility and blew out its power grid on Shorn Island, letting loose a dozen prisoners who had not yet been evacuated. The curious hurricane made landfall, but the storm itself could not be directly scanned and showed defensive behavior when a runabout entered it to scan the event. Eventually the storm passed, however the aftermath did not leave much time for the crew to relax and rebuild. A riot of Raeyan extremists, the Eternal Light attacked a the command building on the base. Queen Jadia Nalla Sharan also released a statement that threatening to jeopardize Federation-Raeyan diplomatic relations.


A month after the storm Admiral Johnson chose Eric Winters to take over day-to-day operations of the base under the title of Director of Base Operations. Things calmed down, with no more violent resistance from the locals. The command crew finally settled into the base while the construction of the command base finished. The Diplomatic Corps, with the help of a specialist in Raeyan relations, attempted to smooth over relations with the Raeyans that had taken a downturn after the hurricane incident.

Unfortunately, The Eternal Light struck again: bombing one of the officer towers and killing several people. A squadron of marines were sent, which prevented the remaining Raeyan terrorists from escaping, but the damage had already been done. Just as things started to clam down once again, Director of Intelligence Michael Dankar, on a covert mission off planet, contacted Hawkeye with a warning that Po'Real may not have been as dead as they thought. Christopher Johnson took the USS Devestator out with a contingent of marines led by Major Tom Bertlos to rescue Dankar. After the Devestator left, Winters (rejecting objections by several staff members) took the remaining two starships assigned to Hawkeye, the USS Kilo and USS John Glenn, leaving the island defenseless. Shortly after Winters left, a mercenary group attacked the island. While they managed to beam down soldiers, the planetary defenses (including the 106th Blue Wolves) and marines fought and easily defeated the hostile force with no Federation lives lost. In the Ventrillius system, a battle broke out between the Devestator, Kilo, and John Glenn, and two Sinelan battleships which were more powerful than anything the Sinelans had on record. Rescuing Dankar and returning to Raeya, the crew learned that Po'Real was behind E'tal - the super hurricane - and that he somehow survived the ordeal that resulted in the sacrifice of the Devestator-C.


In 2386 the majority of Starfleet forces left the Raeyan Sector and Eric Winters took over as full commanding officer. Most of the starbases and fleet yards in the sector were decommissioned leaving Hawkeye, Trinity Station, Starbase 911, Starbase 440, and the few starships still assigned to the sector to provide security to the protectorate colonies and other remaning Federation interests. A largely respected Raeyan genetic scientist by the name of Dr. Marius Benthom, approached Hawkeye with secret he had been keeping. As a simple exercise in his abilities, Benthom modified a fairly common Raeyan plant so it's pollen held incredibly potent hallucinogenic properties. The sample, created years ago and kept in storage, was released during hurricane E'tal's assault on the Randa Islands when a powerful lightning strike damaged his personal lab. The plant had been spreading around the islands like a weed since the hurricane. The hallucinogenic plant had a serious effect on anyone who came in contact with it, causing an individual's deepest part of their psyche to emerge in their conscious mind.

Everyone had their own different visions, and was presented differently to each. Some saw themselves somewhere else completely reliving past events, being a third party witness to some memory, or just a single person from their past talking to them years later. Crew members who experienced traumatic and/or violent events became unstable and resulted in some casualties. Counselors from all around were dispatched, but with almost no one spared from the plant's effects, that proved to be a difficult task. Even the Raeyans themselves were affected. During this ordeal, Eric Winters was contacted by a representative of both Queen Jadia Nalla Sharan and Prime Minister Jarod Fllacti to meet with the two important Raeyans. On his way there, the ancient castle that Sharan and her family were waiting in with Fllacti, was destroyed. Eternal Light took responsibility, adding to their ever inconsistent methods and unknown reasoning. Later it was learned that the Queen and Prime Minister were going to submit an official request for the Federation to leave Raeya once and for all. A cure for the hallucination pollen was found and the plants were eradicated from the planet.