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Another New Beginning

Posted on Sun Apr 12th, 2020 @ 10:26pm by Lieutenant Michael Bradshaw
Edited on on Sun Apr 12th, 2020 @ 10:36pm

Mission: Mission One: A New Beginning...(Backstory)
Location: USS Jupiter
Timeline: Backstory

Lieutenant Mike Hunter arrived five minutes early for the meeting and diverted to the bathroom to tidy his uniform. It wasn’t that there was really anything wrong with his uniform, but this was how civilization was maintained. The way a person conducted himself, the basic rules of every moment of each day that was what was important. And even something as simple as making sure your uniform was absolutely perfect had to be maintained at all costs. So Hunter checked for stubble on chin and scalp, straightened his collar, and tried to disguise the signs that yet again he hadn’t slept in thirty six hours.

The door opened behind him, just a crack judging by the muffled voice. A woman’s voice; he froze, then checked his zipper. “The colonel will see you when you’re ready, sir.”

A man couldn’t even take a leak in peace these days. Hunter didn’t turn around. “Thank you. Give me a minute.” He counted silently to sixty, contemplating his reflection in a mirror and then turned on his heel to walk the few yards down the corridor to Colonel Prescott’s office. It was a room that he'd seen a hundred times before. The same pictures of the mans wife and daughters. A spot for his medals and commendations.

“Michael,” The Colonel said. He stood in front of a large display screen studying a map of the sector, then glanced over his shoulder. “Take a seat. So how was your vacation?”

Hunter picked up a PADD containing the briefing notes that were always crisp and ready for him at these pointless monthly meetings, and fingered through it, trying to avoid the question. “It was fine Colonel." he gave a quick smile and nod as he said it.

Prescott stared at him as if he was waiting for him to continue and elaborate. In the brief silence, an antique clock hanging on the wall ticked with a sound like stones falling off a ledge. His patience held out six slow seconds. “Please tell me you aren't the only person to have ever vacationed on Risa that stayed in your room and drank the whole time?"

Hunter placed the PADD down on the desk and cleared his throat trying not to give away the truth that thats pretty much exactly what happened, "Sir, I beileve they have a saying, that whatever happens on Risa stays on Risa." he let a grin escape his lips hoping that would cover the Colonels curiosity.

Prescott laughed and sat down across from him. "Fine." he took in a breath and tapped at the desk. "New orders have come down the pipe, the Jupiter is being ordered to Yorktown station for a refit."

Hunter nodded. "We expected as much."

"Theres more." The colonel added making eye contact. "The air group is being stripped apart, reassigned to other duty stations, most of the pilots and officers will be reassigned as well."

Hunter's brows furrowed. "I don't understand sir, I thought Starfleet wanted to have an increased presence here on the nuetral zone-"

The colonel cut him off with a a raised hand. "Yes well some think that a large military presence is actually making things worse, so they've ordered a small draw-down along the border."

Hunter let out a breath. But before he could say anything else Prescott continued.

"But that doesn't mean that we aren't needed in other places." he nodded his head over his shoulder toward the screen behind him. "Raeyan Sector, Beta Quadrant. Starfleet is re-establishing its presence there."

Hunters eyes moved to the screen.

"Raeya III." the Colonel confirmed. "The Fourth Marine Division is moving in and the higher ups need someone with experience to get the bases Air Group combat ready."

Hunter cleared his throat again, clearly caught off guard. This meeting had gone much differently than he had expected. Already knowing what his CO was going to say next he remained quiet.

"Your orders," Prescott dropped a new PADD onto the desk. "Report to General Katana on Hawkeye Island."

The Lieutenant slid his hand across the desk and picked up the tablet. "I don't understand, there's no threats in this sector, why do we need such a big presence there?"

"Yeah well, Intel thinks otherwise."

Hunter looked up from the PADD.

"Look just get your ass to Raeya III and you can bother the General with all your questions." The Colonel responded as he stood up followed immediately by Hunter.

"Sir." he responded just as quick bringing the PADD with him.

"Michael," Prescott added as the Marine turned to leave the room, "Good luck."

"Thank you sir." He replied with a nod as he turned and left the office.



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