Hawkeye Island

Task Force 86

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The CO's Arrival

Posted on Sun Apr 26th, 2020 @ 6:45pm by Brigadier General Leah Katana & Brigadier General Adam Stone

Mission: Mission One: A New Beginning...(Backstory)
Location: Raeya III
Timeline: (backstory)

One Week Prior

Leah had spent the last several hours packing all the things that she would need to make Hawkeye Island her home. She heard that Raeya III was beautiful, though she had read the reports of the Eternal Light and everything that been going on before Starfleet had left. But, she was looking for a challenge and she felt she was about to get that.

“Mommy, why are we packing? Where are we going?” Jr asked as they were finishing up with his room before they called it a night. They would have their crates transferred to the transport first thing in the morning. They would then leave a couple hours after, “Were going on a little trip to our new home for awhile.” Leah responded with a smile. “Ok Mommy,” he said as he went and played his computer game while Leah finished packing.

After she finished, she made dinner. They ate together and then she got him ready for his bath then got him ready for bed. He got dressed, climbed into bed while she got his favorite story out and began to read it to him. His eyes became heavy, and he began to fall asleep. Leah finished the story, kissed him gently on the forehead and walked out of his room out into the living room. She looked at the crates, Leah double checked she got everything she wanted. Once satisfied, she cleaned up the kitchen and then went to bed herself.

The next morning there was a knock at the door, she went and answered it and it was the gentleman from the transport to get her belongings. She signed and they began to take their things. She quickly made breakfast and ate before they too left for the transport. They arrived and took their seats and would spend the next week on that transport.


After a week of being on the transport they finally arrived at Raeya III, ‘about time.’ She said as the trip was long, they had adequate space and their own room but it was just a long boring trip. Her and Jr got on a shuttle and would take that down to the base, their belongings were sent to their apartment. She hoped she would see her husband once they landed as a welcoming party.

Adam had thought about putting on his full dress uniform, ordering the staff out to the landing field, and all the rest of the formalities that the new Base Commander arriving typically demanded. Then he decided to skip all that and just meet her himself and in his standard duty uniform. While this flew in the face of proper procedure and caused a stir among the staff who had arrived before him and those arriving since then, Adam was adamant about it. After all, he knew his wife.

So instead of the full staff, dress uniforms, and band, a single man waited as the ramp dropped down from the shuttle. He saluted only because that was one requirement he couldn't be seen to skip by any Marines who happened to be able to see him meeting the arriving Base Commander.

Leah began to walk down the ramp with Jr in tow when he saw Adam he flew past her and ran right up to his dad. "Daddy!" he yelled, not having a care in the world who was near by. He ran right into his arms giving him the biggest hug ever. 'Hello my love,' Leah said telepathically, as she seen looks from all directions.

"Hello little man." Adam said kneeling down as his son ran to him, and picking him up, kissing his forehead. After a hug, Adam tossed him into the air a few feet, catching him as he came down. His family was here, he was married to the base CO and at the point he didn't really give a damn who saw what. "And hello to you General wife ma'am sir." He teased as he pulled her in for a hug as well.

She smiled, she missed her husband. She hugged him back tightly and gave him a passionate kiss. "Mom..." Jr exclaimed with a voice of almost disgust as they kissed. After the kiss she chuckled at her son, "I have missed you my love." She replied as she held him for a little while longer.

"Missed you too babe." Adam said with a grin. "Come on kid, you can ride on the old man's shoulders." He said as he settled his son onto his shoulders.

She smiled, their belongings were already being transferred to their home, which was a nice beach front home that she wanted and made arrangments to get. "I got us a nice new home on the beach here, our stuff is already being transferred there as we speak." She said with a smile as they made there way to their new home.


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