Hawkeye Island

Task Force 86

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Mission: Welcome Back
Location: Medical Building
Timeline: MD 2


Addison walked through the base not really planning on anything in particular. Having just exited the shuttle, she truly wanted to get a feel for things. Get the lay of the land as some people say. Her first impression was a strange one. The island was magnificent and breath-taking; and at the same time, it was horrible and run down. She didn’t know the back story, but what little she did know worried her. What exactly was she getting herself into it?

She’d already located her medical building, and a part of her didn’t really want to see it; not yet. Subconsciously, her mind was taking her there anyways. The lobby of the building was exactly what you would imagine if the place had been ransacked by looters. From her initial view, this was going to be challenging. She made her way through the entrance, trying to avoid getting too good of a look at things. There would be time to analyze it all, for now, she just wanted to look around

She walked down the corridor, from the main lobby to a glass partitioned wall, in front of her was a door or at least what was left of it. She reached up wiping the dirt and dust from the plaque. “Well, my home away from home,” she commented taking note that this was her office.

She moved around the broken door, moving further into the space. She could see the appeal but it was going to take a lot of work to get this thing up to speed. She took off her jacket, as she reached over draping it on a clip on the wall. Taking a deep breath, she was ready to get to work when the clip holding her jacket came off the wall landing on the floor. "We'll just leave it there," she laughed as she rounded the desk. She didn't really know where to start. She patted the back of the chair and she took a seat.

“Well that’s a good start,” she was nervous about sitting down. She patted the chair for a bit, as she moved it back and forth. “Oh, for heaven’s sake, just sit-down Addison,” she told herself. Carefully, she sat down in the chair, shifting her weight side to side. “Well, nothing too bad,” she laughed. Her internal humor was interrupted as a rather large painting on the wall behind her broke free from its placement crashing to the floor.

She nearly jumped out of her chair, cursing under her breath. “Jesus,” she grabbed the desk, but something wasn’t right.

Before Addison could move, the base of the chair came apart sending the Doctor to the floor. It was probably a rather humorous sight. Addison’s feet sticking straight up in the air, her arms waving back and forth as she cussed, this time much louder. She looked around, ensuring that no one had seen her.

“Ouch,” she whispered in a mutter. “Ok no more chairs,” she just laid there, “I wonder if the Captain will let me just work from here.” Outside her door the plaque on the wall came free, “oh for heaven’s sake, anything else wanna break?”

She cringed, knowing that was just testing fate to act. Once she was certain nothing else was going to break, she rolled over, lifting herself to a standing position. Rolling up her sleeves, “One task at a time,” she commented, “First, we clean this office then we get something functional around here.”

Lt Addison Callaghan
Embarrased Doctor


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