Hawkeye Island

Task Force 86

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Long Trips Are Not Fun

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Mission: Welcome Back
Location: Enroute to Hawkeye Island


Sometime back, before arriving

If there was one thing Addie hated more than anything else, it would have to be long shuttle rides. Even with the modern inventions or whatever the Tech guys thought of this week, these trips were still boring. Sure, she brought a book but sadly it was one she had already read; twice. She tossed the book into her bag as she shuffled in her seat. Much to the frustration of the passenger next to her, as the Bolian coughed, and rolled his eyes.

“Sorry,” Addie blushed. Picking up her bag, she pulled out a padd. She tried to focus and continue writing a letter to her sister, but she was stuck. Sadly, her letter hadn’t gotten past “Dear Morgan”. It was odd, they were a close family, but later forces seemed to be pulling them apart. She could blame it on a lot of things, but truthfully her father and Andrew had been fighting and that was working its way into the entire family. Addie sighed as she looked at the nearly empty letter. She didn’t know how to patch things up between the two Callaghan men.

Her father saw Andrew as lazy, someone who lacked determination and drive. The Senior felt his son should be a Commanding Officer by now and took every chance to rub in the younger man’s face. Addie had personally grown tired of the phrase, “why can’t you be more like your sisters.” She knew her father meant well, but the man couldn’t see that he was driving a wedge between them all.

Addie turned the padd sideways, as she stretched her legs in front of her. “Dear Morgan, how’s life,” she read out loud as she typed. She wasn’t trying to be annoying; it was just how her mind worked. “I trust Dad or Andy hasn’t called you if not, then don’t…”

The Bolian next to her huffed rather loudly, “is it natural for you to be this annoying or just a gift?”

Addie looked at the man, “sorry, family drama. I mean, you understand, you have a family, right,” she nudged his arm. “They are always trying to get you to pick sides…”

“I should have never said something,” the Bolian replied.

“I’m sorry,” Addie laughed, “my mother says I tend to talk, but I don’t see it. Where are you heading to? I am heading to Hawkeye Island, Chief Medical Officer,” she stuck her hand out as if to introduce herself.

The Bolian knew the gesture but didn’t return it, “medical… heavens help your patients,” he muttered under his breath.

Addie hadn’t caught the man’s comment, the fact he spoke didn’t even register. “It’s truly sad, my brother and father could be very close…”

The Bolian grunted as he pushed the call button for an attendant.

“... but they refuse to acknowledge the other person’s opinion,” Addie continued as if she had the man’s complete attention. “They are so much alike, two peas in a blanket, as my mother would say. Poor woman, just caught up in the middle of all that…”

The Bolian gave in and sighed, “I know the feeling.”

Addie looked confused, “huh?” She smiled, “oh I did it again, didn't I?”

“Yep,” he replied, knowing what was coming next. “So, your mother….” It was one of those situations where he could complain and cause a scene or just allow the woman to vent. He was glad, however, that he wasn’t going to the base. He was just using it as a layover point, to catch his next ride. The last thing he needed was to accidentally run into the Talking Doctor. He realized he hadn’t really been listening to the human as she continued to talk. “Interesting,” he muttered, not really paying attention.

“...I mean it’s not like he tries too, my father just demands perfection,” Addie continued to explain her family to the man, “he mapped out our entire life, and Andy is protesting.”

“Your sister, right?” he asked.

“Morgan no, my brother Andy,” Addison looked at the Bolian realizing that he truly wasn't paying attention. She had been talking for so long, she had probably just worn him down. He was clearly just appeasing her

She looked at him, while he looked straight forward. "I should really get to writing that letter," she smiled.

The Bolian pointed to her bag, "it's in there

Addison didn’t reply, just picked up the padd as she leaned back in her seat, she started to type.

“Hay, Morgan. I’m sorry I haven’t written in a while; boy you wouldn’t believe my life right now. I got a new assignment, the place is going to be amazing….”

The Bolian looked out of the corner of his eye as his seatmate continued to write her letter. For a brief second, he allowed a smile to cross his lips. The lady reminded him of his oldest daughter, but he wasn't going to tell her that. He didn't need to open that can of bugs again.


Lt Addison Callaghan
Chief Medical Officer


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