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Meeting the Spook

Posted on Tue Sep 15th, 2020 @ 8:54pm by Lieutenant Commander Naomi Morgan-Sharan

Mission: Welcome Back
Location: Intelligence Building
Timeline: (Set before five star dining posts)

After meeting with the young Cadet, Naomi finally was able to make it to her Building up in the mountains. She had a lot of work to get done as it wasn't going to do itself, with very little staff and engineering crew finally arriving she would be able to get some repairs done. 'Why did I even agree to return?' She asked herself before shaking her head and beginning to get the computers operational.

Addie was walking up behind the officer, honestly not truly paying attention. She turned and looked at the path behind her, "one doesn't get a view like this, on a starship." She smiled, "Addison Callaghan, new Doctor," she offered a hand, "hopefully I didn't startle you. Been looking up this hill for a while now and wanted to get a good look from the top. She took note of the rank pips, internally kicking herself for not being a little more formal.

She looked over at the women, "no one can sneak up on me no matter how hard they try." She replied as she already knew that she was there before she said a word. "But does one not know how to knock before entering." She replied looking at her with almost annoyance as she was trying to get work done and everyone seems to bother her.

"My apologies, Commander," Addie smiled, "I had assumed the entire complex was open, I wasn't aware this area was secure. Didn't see a sign outside, or anything. I've been trying to get the laid of the land, just in case of an emergency or something." She looked around, "but I can see that I am bothering you, I can show myself out."

She looked at the women for a moment, "well it hasn't been placed yet...besides was trying to get some work done but, like always will have to wait." Naomi replied in annoyance, "Naomi," is all she said as she stood there studying the women up and down.

"It's a pleasure to meet you, Commander," she took note that she was being observed, "if you'd like I could pull up my file, make it easier on you." Addie was never one to back down, even if the Officer was higher ranking. "Or, if you'd like we could start this over and perhaps on a better foot?"

Raising an eyebrow, "I already read your file as well as everyone else here." She replied as she looked at her. "This is how I am so get used to it," she replied. "I don't change for anyone, not now not ever." She added looking at her "if you want a tour of the place fine I'll show you around but just be careful of where you walk. Fourteen years this place has been abandoned, and fourteen years of decay, missing or stolen parts, you could get hurt doctor." She replied as she crossed her arms.

Addie folded her arms, it was easy to spot; the red hair, attitude, and stubborn determination. She had to wonder if she was Irish; she reminded her of her aunt on her mother's side. "I don't think we need to be worrying about me," she smiled, "I've seen myself about plenty of old buildings here," she continued to smile. As her mother always told her, kill em with kindness, and if that doesn't work try a baseball bat. "I'd love a tour, if you have a moment or two to spare, however," she replied.

She cocked a half-smile, "I like you, your alright." She said as she wondered how she would react, "Now if you come with me, try to keep up." She replied as she began to walk through the building showing her all the ins and outs of the Intelligence building. "Nothing too spectacular yet, but it is better once repaired," Naomi replied as she kept walking and talking.

"It would seem that the entire complex is in the same state of disrepair," she wasn't really nitpicking, just commenting. "I know the locals don't entirely trust us, but I am glad they allowed me privileges at the hospital," she smirked, "I am confident in saying that medical building isn't safe enough to treat a hangnail.. not in its current state. But, in time, we will get there." She thought to herself, 'I hope.'

"That it is," she replied to the statement on the complex in the state of disrepair but didn't respond to the rest of what she said. When she finished she looked at her, "I am sure the Medical Complex will be up and running soon enough. That has been put on the priority list," Naomi replied as she looked at the Doctor.

"Up and running, might be a stretch at this point," Addie replied, "But I will settle for a functioning biobed, and one working medical suite. Maybe a working uplink to Starfleet Medical, just in case. The local hospital has been nice, but I get the feeling the warm welcome," she smirked, "won't last forever." She looked out the large window beside her, "Besides, in the event of a possible injury I don't really want to have to wait for transports."

She nodded, "well thanks for stoping by, but I really got to get back to work." Naomi replied looking at the Doctor. As she watch the doctor leave she went back to work, she had a lot to do and so little time to get it done.


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