Hawkeye Island

Task Force 86

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Posted on Thu Sep 3rd, 2020 @ 11:14am by Captain Clay Teller

Mission: Welcome Back
Location: Vir Island Municipal Hospital
Timeline: MD 5

Having finished her rounds, filed the last of her reports, and given her briefing to the next shift, there was only one more task left for Addie. She reviewed the notes on her padd, as she sighed. Commanding Officers were never very good patients, most in her opinion suffered from a serious god-complex. She tapped on the door as she entered the patient's private suite. "Good afternoon, Captain," she smiled tucking the padd under her left arm.

"I bet you are ready to get out of here," she added, "back to normal duty?"

Clay was busy picking on a Raeyan lute, the principles were quite similar to the Terran guitar, which Clay had decades of practice with. He was already playing some simple 12 bar blues off the thing, and he appreciated the twangy sound the Raeyan instrument made. "I suppose so, doctor," Teller replied, as he took the instrument by its neck and placed it gently next to the hospital bed the captain was laying in. "But the Raeyans are so accommodating."

"Well, we don't need them too accommodating or else my patients won't get back to their duties," Addie looked down at the padd. "And, well according to these notes, it's time for you to leave." She smiled. "I want you back here in a week to make sure that things are still good," the Doctor added, "but, you're the Commanding Officer and that means.. well I will have to go find you cause you people never seem to remember to follow up with your Doctors."

She smiled, hoping that the Captain could tell she was kidding. "In all seriousness, your recovery is well, you're responding well to treatment, and you should be able to return to duty. Just promise me, you will keep it to a dull roar for a bit..."

Cocking his head to the side, Clay remarked, "The only volume I know is eleven, Doctor Callaghan." With that, he tossed his lanky legs over the side and pushed off the bed. Standing straight and giving his arms and shoulders a good stretch, all seemed good. Good enough, at least. "Wanna head back to Hawkeye together?" Teller asked, throwing his left thumb over his shoulder.

"Let me grab my jacket," Addie replied.

"Excellent!" Clay responded. He picked up the lute by the neck, and carried it to the threshold of the sterile, but technologically advanced Raeyan hospital room. "So, uh, which way?"

"Down the hall to the left," Addie replied, "and don't touch much, they are fairly particular here. We're lucky they gave me admitting privileges here, while our med bay is getting," she thoughts, "reworked, let's call it that. So, I hate to admit it but I am not up to speed on what took place here. Care to fill in the blanks?"

"I believe I got shot," Clay said, somewhat sarcastically. "Unfortunately, a Reayan casino guard gave his life to save mine." Clay added genuinely as he began to walk down the hospital hall. He noticed he was getting several looks from various hospital staff members. "In all seriousness, Starfleet had a base here, next island over, for several years. Raeya was a protectorate on course to become a Federation member." The duo reached the lift, Clay pressed the call button and continued, "Then the whole... Mars and Romulus situation happened. Starfleet decided Raeya wasn't worth the effort, so we left. Fourteen years later, and here we are again. I have to wonder if the commanding officer of Hawkeye Island all those years ago had a bigger spine and argued to the brass, we might never have left. I'll guess we'll never know," Clay finished with a sigh. On cue, the doors to the lift opened. It was empty and he motioned for the doctor to go in first.

Addie just nodded as the Captain spoke, "hindsight is twenty, twenty, they say."

To fill the awkwardness of the lift ride to ground level, Clay quietly remarked, "Noticed that a lot of my crew seems to be made up of women. Can't complain too much, though."

"Typical male comment," she just shook her head.

The doors parted, and Clay let Addison go first, and then he caught up to walk next to her. "That commanding officer when Hawkeye was shuttered was me if that wasn't obvious," the Captain said sincerely.

"I was aware of that," Addie replied, "I did a little bit of reading on the way over." The two continued their walk, as they talked. "You can't blame yourself, Captain. You had no idea how things would turn out. I am sure you did the best you could have, at the time. What matters is you are here now, and trying to fix things. It might take some work, but I am confident that the locals will come around."

As they walked through the main entrance, heading toward a nearby transporter hub, they were met with a small crowd of Reayans, a few dozen strong. Many of them were holding signs, written in Raeyan that Clay couldn't translate, pointed at the hospital. The crowd noticed the Starfleet officers, and instantly began shouting at the duo. Hurling insults and statements along the lines that Starfleet should go home, leave Raeya to Raeyans, and Humans and the Federation were not to be trusted. Clay reflexively put himself between the crowd and Addison, trying to act as a shield on the quickly angering mob. "You were saying, Doctor?" the captain muttered.

"It's hard to overcome the trust issues that Starfleet's departure caused," she explained, "but in time once that trust is regained, who knows?"

Making it to the transporter hub with just some rattled senses, Clay turn to Addison, the crowd still shouting in the background, "Lets get back home." Teller instructed the transporter operator where to beam the two on Hawkeye Island. After a short moment, the operator replied that the coordinates were set. "After you, Doc," Clay said to Addison, motioning toward the pad.

While Addie would miss the comforts of a fully functional medical facility, it would be nice to get back home and continue with the repairs. "Thank you, Sir," she commented as she stepped onto the pad. Even if that home wasn't entirely up to par, the familiar was always better then the unknown.


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