Hawkeye Island

Task Force 86

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Five Star Dining (Part 2)

Posted on Sun Aug 23rd, 2020 @ 2:27pm by Captain Clay Teller & Commander Dira Sherren & Lieutenant Commander Naomi Morgan-Sharan

Mission: Welcome Back
Location: Vir Island, Nitri Plaza Resort
Timeline: MD 3

Clay finished his meal, and set his fork on his empty plate, with only crumbs sharing the space. Leaning back in his chair, he looked to the outside at the ocean and took a deep breath. Losing himself in his mind, Clay's thoughts drifted to his situation, his dead-end career, and his failed relationships, his kids, and how proud he was of them. Teller began to feel the emotions begin to wash over him like the tide outside their dining room.

"Earth to Clay come in Clay..." Naomi said as she tapped him on the shoulder then crossed her arms before she looked at Sherren.

Flashing a quick smirk, Clay gently turned to face Naomi. "Shouldn't it be Raeya?" He asked rhetorically. Adjusting himself up straight in the chair, the captain asked, "Dessert, anyone? I heard they added a mean Tholian chocolate truffle pie to the menu."

Naomi rolled her eyes, "I am good." Naomi replied as she shifted in her chair.

"No, gotta watch my figure you know," Dira said chickling.

After a breath, Clay started, "To business. What's your ETA on getting all the island's reactors up and running, Dira?"

Looking at Clay, Are you serious? Clay, there are 80 some odd reactors on this island alone. It will take me about......" closes her eye to do the mental calculations. "That's a month's work!"

"Good, but I expect you to beat that," and with a quick turn to Naomi, Clay continued, "How are you doing with the intel complex? I know that's the higher priority, but I want to move onto a total island inventory. Every phaser, tricorder, spare isolinear rod... We need to know so I can put a request in. Could be weeks between primary supply drops."

"It's coming along but it will take a while, "we can always have our newest Cadet start working on that since we're probably not going to be needing Flight Control until everything is set up." Naomi half grinned.

"Cadet? Whatever works, it's your show," Clay responded. He pressed his thumb to the control pad and the holographic popped back up. Paying the check, Clay stood, and took another look at the ocean with the setting sun. Giving himself a good stretch, the captain moved to Dira's chair, offering to pull it out for her.

"Don't act like you don't know, your the one who sent me to go meet her at the landing padd," Naomi said in annoyance. "She arrived earlier today," Naomi replied rolling her eyes.

"Thanks, Clay," Dira said getting up.

Clapping his hands together, Clay asked, "Anyone want to hit the tables? Be my good luck charm?"

"I'll watch but that's about it," Naomi replied as she thought this was crazy.

"I'll be your good luck charm for a while, but I have to get my ass in bed early. Got an early shift" Dira said chuckling. "Commander, give it a try, you never know unless you do. Who knows you might win!" she added.

Naomi rolled her eyes, "No thank you." Naomi replied as she looked at the women.

Clay pushed his chair in and motioned to the women to lead the way. About halfway back through the restaurant, the captain realized he left his uniform jacket hanging on the rack back in the private room. "Ah shit, you ladies go on ahead. I gotta grab something."

Dira stopped and turned around, "I wonder what the devil he forgot now?" she said looking at Naomi.

With a little jog, Teller made his way back to the private dining room. A few bussers were already cleaning, sanitizing, and setting up the table for the next appointment. A young man noticed the captain, and grabbed Clay's jacket. The two met halfway and handed the jacket over.

Watching him return, "I swear Clay, if your head wasn't attached to your shoulders, you would forget that too!" Dira said laughing.

Clay was a few steps behind the women, as he was reaching the entrance to the restaurant. The next events happened so quickly, Captain Teller didn't have much time to process anything. As he was nearly at the entrance, where the pair of security guards stood on either side of the entry way, Clay was putting on his uniform jacket. From the nearby tables, someone stood and began walking past. It was completely innocuous, and there were dozens of people walking around, milling about, drinking, gambling, enjoying their vices.

As this citizen walked in front of the restaurant, he turned and looked Clay in the eyes, but Clay didn't even pay any mind. With one swift motion, the man reached in his pocket, and pulled something out. He pointed it straight at Clay and shouted, "For the Eternal Light!" The last thing Clay remember seeing was one of the guard's lunge at the person, a bright light, and the sound of a phaser firing. The light seemed to pass through the guard and hit Clay in his right shoulder.


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