Hawkeye Island

Task Force 86

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Posted on Fri Aug 28th, 2020 @ 5:01pm by Cadet Senior Grade Janet Ashby & Lieutenant Commander Naomi Morgan-Sharan

Mission: Welcome Back
Location: Landing Area
Timeline: (Set before five star dining posts)

The outside landing pad was packed. Littered with shuttles, supplies, and personnel all waiting for their assignment Janet amongst them expecting hers any moment. Although, she wondered, what a cadet would be assigned to a planetary base. Usually the final year as a cadet, they were traditionally were stationed aboard a starship for their final evaluation.

“Ashby, Janet Cadet” an officer called out over the commotion, snapping Janet out of her thoughts.
Janet quietly stepped forward and managed to navigate through the rest of the group of people that were in front of her with relative ease. Only gathering a few dubious glares from the other staff as she went. “Cadet Ashby sir, reporting,” Janet said meekly.

Glancing up from his list, the officer picked up a PADD that was lying on the table. “Here,” The man said handing Janet the tablet. “Billet, duty assignment, map of the facility and general information on the local population”

Janet took the pad from the superior officer as he dropped his head back down to his list of names. “Ashcroft, Julian Ensign” He continued with his callouts.

Janet maintained her position in front of the officer for another moment, before the man looked up once more giving her a frown. “Well Cadet, you waiting for something? Skedaddle”

She blushed, slightly embarrassed, and wandered off towards the innards of the base. On the walk inside Janet quickly browsed the information that was on the padd.

Naomi was asked by Captain Teller to meet the newest arrival at the landing padd, the base was yet to be set up, some of the buildings were still in sad disrepair with the Command Building as well as her Intelligence building on the mountains. A lot of the new arrivals where Engineers, they just had a shipment of supplies and other equipment that were needed to get the base back to operational.

She had her arms crossed over her chest as she looked at the oncoming cadet, "Starfleet must be desperate when they start sending Cadets our way." Naomi replied as he looked at the young women with a half-smile.

Janet, who was busy reading over her padd, came to a sudden stop hearing the remark. She looked up to see a red-headed woman wearing the rank of a Lieutenant Commander. Once again her face started to blush. Being put on the spot wasn’t Janet’s favorite place to be. “Ma’am?” She quietly asked eyes dropping to the floor, unsure how to answer. She could see from the half-cocked smile and demeanor that she wasn’t too threatening.

She handed Janet an additional padd, "This base has been abandoned for fourteen years before Starfleet decided to come back. She is in desperate need of repair, we have limited crew at the moment so to see more to arrive and cadets to boot what better way to break them in." Naomi replied as she motioned for her to follow. "So, what department?” Naomi asked she motioned they continue walking towards the two towering buildings that made up the Command Structure. “You’re either Flight Control or Strategic Operations."

Janet took the extra padd, quickly giving it a glance it seemed to contain the history of the Hawkeye Island facility. Noticing that the Commander had continued her walk, Janet followed in lockstep behind Sharan. “Flight Control Ma’am” Janet answered as she switched back to the other padd. “I’m hoping to be assigned to shuttle crew”

A brief moment of silence passed between the pair as they walked. “Whom might you be Ma’am?” Janet asked realizing that she never got an introduction.

"Lieutenant Commander Naomi Morgan-Sharan the Chief Intelligence Officer as well as Second Officer." Naomi replied as they kept walking, "That will come soon enough but first we need to get the base which is rather large cleaned up before we can operate any shuttles, and being able to land safely." Naomi replied as they reached the Command Complex, "The building in the middle is the reception area, it has a few restaurants that hopefully will reopen once things get settled for Starfleet Officers. The Building on the left and right are Command, Strategic Operations, Operations as well as Security/Tactical is located as well as some other offices." Naomi replied then turning to her right.

Janet followed the Commander on the small tour she was being given, taking in the bits of information from her guide in conjunction with reading some more about the complex on her tablet. She began to formulate some questions to ask whenever the tour came to end. For now, Janet continued to follow the woman in silence, nodding a bit as she explained the layout.

"The large building over there is the Medical Complex that also has counseling there as well." She said before pointing near where the shuttle had landed, a smaller building with a tower attached. "That is where you will spend a lot of your time as that is Flight Control for shuttles, runabouts as well as larger ships that can land planetside such as Intrepid, Nova's as well as Rhode Island classes." Naomi continued on pointing to the mountains on the left-hand side of the Command Complex, though it was in the distance it could still be seen from where they were.

Upon hearing that several starships were posted to the base, although not really a surprise, Janet became slightly intrigued at the idea of being at the helm of one of them. While it was a bit disappointing to be stationed on a planet for her final year as a cadet, having some a few ships could open up a few options.

“Ma’am,” Janet asked, stopping a moment and looking in the direction of the mentioned landing area. “Does this mean there would be an opportunity for more than terrestrial flight training?”

"Possibly," Naomi replied as she stopped for a moment. "I am sure we will figure that out once our base is completely set up," Naomi added before continuing on with the tour.

"Up there is the Intelligence Complex, where I will spend most of my time when not dealing with other things." Naomi replied as she then turned to her right, farther back, "Over there is the Science/Research complex. We also have defensive systems surrounding the base one on each end of the Island." Naomi replied before adding one final thing, "Apartments are towards the back of the Command Complex one building houses the Senior Staff, another building NCO's, Enlisted as well as Cadets." She finished looking at her.

Janet nodded towards the senior officer as she finished her spiel. She was overwhelmed by the information that was given to her and the different assignments that could be undertaken here. Particularly the option to possibly get aboard a ship at some point, but for now, that was simply a dream on Janet’s part. But what wasn’t a dream was the fact she had nearly open skies and plans for them.

"Is there anything you know that would help us? I know your flight control but are you versed in any other areas?" She asked looking at her as they could use all the help they could get to be able to get this base operational.

Snapping back out of her daydream, Janet turned to Commander Sharan. “I have the standard Starfleet Engineering extension course.” She answered. “But as an extracurricular activity, I took part in the maintenance of most shuttles and other craft in San Francisco”

"Great," Naomi replied as she looked at her. "Well I'll let you get settled into your new home, I am sure we can use your engineering extension course to help with some repairs anything helps." She replied as she looked at her before continuing, "If you want to get with me tomorrow morning we can begin could always use the help getting my building up and running, plus it give you more experience." Naomi replied with a smile giving her the rest of the day to get settled and adjusted to planet life.

“Ma’am” Janet said nodding. “That would be great.” Now it became a mission to find her quarters.


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