Hawkeye Island

Task Force 86

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Five Star Dining (Part 1)

Posted on Wed Aug 12th, 2020 @ 8:54pm by Captain Clay Teller & Commander Dira Sherren & Lieutenant Commander Naomi Morgan-Sharan

Mission: Welcome Back
Location: Vir Island, Nitri Plaza Resort
Timeline: MD 3

Right on the beach of Vir, one of the Randa Islands sat several casino/resorts. The one Clay was walking into was called Nitri Plaza Hotel and Resort. Considered one of, if not the nicest resort of all the Randa Islands, a tall and narrow tower stood into the sky, much taller than Starfleet's own command buildings. It was a decidedly modern structure, plenty of glass, exposed beams allowing the tower of hotel rooms to stretch into the sky about 80 stories, give or take. At the base of the tower, the large casino and resort building served as a wide base to the hotel tower.

Clay walked through one of the many main entrance doors. He was dressed in his standard uniform, his jacket unzipped. Making his way through the casino floor, it was a busy evening as usual. Table games and machines were buzzing with people. And he passed the pit of table games, he noted that there were still Federation games present, even after all the time passed. He noted Blackjack, Roulette, Dom-jot, and Dabo tables were present. Quite busy at that. Arriving at the entrance to the house restaurant, Clay told the hostess his reservation details. As the young Raeyan woman pulled up the information, Teller noted a couple of armed security guards flanking either side of the entrance. They met Clay's eyes and nodded. They were here to protect them, Clay said to himself.

The hostess led Clay back through the restaurant, which wasn't quite full, but fairly busy. The contemporary design of the decor and tables seemed far too nice and upscale for someone like Clay, but he wanted to treat his officers, some of whom he hadn't even met yet. In the very back of the restaurant was a private section with a long rectangular table capable of seating twice as many people as would be dining there, and a small private bar with a handful of stools. The back was open to a small balcony overlooking the beach and ocean. The Raeyan sun was still high in the sky, but well on its way to setting over said ocean. Clay walked up to the bar with its sole bartender and ordered a simple ale to kill time for the others.

Lt. Bradshaw stepped from the transporter in full dress uniform and immediately groaned out loud at the sights and sounds and smells of the casino and resort before him. When he'd gotten the invitation from the Captain to join him here in this gaudy neon-lit den of debauchery, Michael's first thought was that it was a joke and made sure to get double confirmation that it wasn't. But it wasn't that he didn't like to have fun or hate on others for doing so, it's just that what was going on here was nothing more than perversion and excess and it all leads to criminality. The Security Chief grimaced annoyed noticing that his presence did nothing to curb any of this obnoxious behavior.

As he rounded the doorway further into the casino he smelled the noxious alien foods, he heard the clinking of glasses containing substances that to him were incomprehensible in their appeal. And he saw the steady flow of customers marching up and down the staircase, plunking down hard-earned cash to no doubt indulge sexual fantasies in the holosuites overhead. If it was up to him he'd burn this whole place down.

Once at the restaurant he spotted the Captain at the bar and decided to finally introduce himself.

"Captain Teller," He said standing next to and getting his attention, "Lt. Michael Bradshaw reporting as ordered."

Naomi arrived, though she wasn't wearing her uniform. She was wearing a nice dress and her normal coat, or the way Teller had described it 'little red riding hood' getup. She walked up to where Teller and Michael where. "Evening," she responded looking at both of them.

"Lieutenant," Clay said while acknowledging Naomi's presence. "Please to finally meet," Clay shook Michael's hand and gave him a quick pat below his shoulder of his dress uniform. "How's the island treating you?"

Michael was unsure how to answer that question and paused for a second. He glanced and gave a polite smile to Naomi before turning back to the Captain. "It's been interesting sir, I haven't been here long, but there is quite a bit of work to do to get everything operational and I guess I'm eager to get into it."

Clay gave Michael a smile, "Good to hear it. If there's anything I can do to help," the captain noticed Dira approaching, "just let us know."

Dira appeared dressed in a casual outfit, accentuating her physique. Looking around she finally saw the captain and the rest of the officers and made her way over to them. "Reporting as ordered sir" she said grinning.

Teller took one last gulp, emptying his bottle and placing it on the counter. "Geez, Dira, you don't have to be so formal," Clay replied while giving her a warm look. Moving away from the small bar, Clay moved to the table. He passed by the head chair of the table and pulled out the first chair to the right of the head chair. "Commander," Clay said, motioning to Dira.

Looking at Clay, a smile formed, "Why thank you my dear captain" she said as she sat elegantly.

The captain moved to the head of the table, pulled out the chair, and sat. He looked at the motley group, who didn't even take up half of the available seats at the large private dining table. "Thank you all for coming this evening," Clay stated, "I know we've had a rough couple of days, and I wanted to treat you all, as we've got a long road ahead."

"You just said a mouthful Clay. We do have a very long road ahead of us and hopefully, we can all get it done before anything happens," Dira said.

"Order whatever you like. It's on me," Clay said, proudly pointing at himself.

Looking at Clay, "Last of the big spenders hey?" Dira said laughing, pinching Clay's arm.

Naomi raised an eyebrow, "Thank you but I ate with my family." Naomi replied as she took a seat and at theirs. She really didn't like coming out like this, she was uneasy.

Clay shrugged as he placed an order on the small control panel in front of him, including another beer. Unlike a traditional Terran restaurant, there was no waiter taking orders, just a control panel going straight to the kitchen. After he finished tapping on the small panel, Clay leaned forward into the table. He started in a quiet tone, "I just want to say, I'm glad to have the two of you here. I honestly don't think I could do this without either of you, from old friends," Clay flashed a small smile at Dira, "too old souls of the island," he nodded toward Naomi, "Thank you," he finished with the server dropping off another glass bottle of light brown ale. Lifting the bottle up, he gave a toast to the air and took several large gulps, finishing off a third of the bottle in one go.

Naomi just nodded in response as she took a sip of her drink, "You owe me Clay." She spat as she looked at Dira.

Dira looked at Naomi, then at Clay. "Clay, um.....is there something I should know? I don't want any hard feelings now. We are old friends...." she said, wondering just what in the hell was going on.

"I'm not sure if the two of you met," Clay started, "But Naomi used to serve in Starfleet on Hawkeye before, and retired here. I might have been the one to talk her back in," he shrugged as he let out a sheepish smile.


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