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A long talk

Posted on Wed Jun 17th, 2020 @ 7:12pm by Lieutenant Commander Naomi Morgan-Sharan & Jayden Sharan

Mission: Welcome Back
Location: Sharan's apartment

Naomi arrived back home from her walk, taking her coat off and hanging it at the door and placing her stick right by the door. Both her children came running up to her and hugging her. "Well hello there you two." She said as she picked up the youngest and kissed him and then kissed her oldest on the forehead.

Jayden walked up to her and kissed her, "welcome home my love." Jayden replied looking at her. She placed her son down and told Jadia to take her brother in their bedroom and to play. Jadia nodded and took him to go play.

Jayden and Naomi walked to the kitchen where they could have a cup of coffee and talk, she knew they needed to talk after what had transpired earlier that morning. "Do you plan on returning to Starfleet?" Jayden asked looking at her.

"I am not sure, they left 14 years ago what makes you think they won't just do it again and leave our people high and dry again." Naomi said with a sigh as she had lost faith in Starfleet so long ago. Even though she was not Raeyan, she still considered them her people.

Jayden nodded, "I know but 14 years is a long time. Maybe things have changed?" Jayden asked looking at her. He would support her either way, but it would his sister think the same thing.

"If they are only sending what I seen their then, it doesn't look that way." She replied as she got up and walked over to the set of doors leading out onto the beach. She looked outside, not sure what to think or what to really do.

"My abilities are much more powerful now then when we last worked together," Naomi replied. "It can be dangerous if triggered." She added with a sigh as she looked out. Jayden stayed seated for a moment before joining his wife, placing his arms around her and kissing her neck from behind. She closed her eyes, sensing him she knew that he would support her in any decision she made.

They spent the next few minutes in silence while she though, unsure of everything. Part of her wanted to give Starfleet another chance, but the other part of her wanted to stay here in peace with her husband and children.

"What about you and our children? I always been home with them while you attended duties with the family." Naomi replied looking at him.

"I think we can manage," Jayden said with a smile kissing her on the forehead again.

Sighing she remembered what else she wanted to tell Jayden, she turned around and looked at him. "Oh by the way were expecting another baby soon." Naomi replied as she smiled at him. Jayden smiled and placed a hand on her stomach.

"We will manage, most of the time I can bring them with when I go to the Sharan estates to deal with matters. Our sister loves the company of the children," Jayden added with a smile while Naomi though he was trying to get her to join.

Looking back out of the door she sighed, "I guess it couldn't hurt to give it a try." Naomi replied as she turned and kissed her husband. "Thank you for being so supportive, will just have to try to explain it to the children later on. I guess I better go back and talk with Captain Teller." Naomi replied.

"We will be fine, see you later." Jayden said kissing her one more time. "Oh, I'll have dinner ready for when you return." Jayden smiled as he was the best cook, everytime Naomi tried to cook she would burn it. "Thanks love, be back as soon as I can as she decided to go to her bedroom and pull out her uniform, which now was yellow instead of gray.

Changing into it she started out for the Command center to meet with Captain Teller while Jayden stayed home with the children.


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