Hawkeye Island

Task Force 86

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Ready or Not

Posted on Mon Jun 15th, 2020 @ 1:35pm by Lieutenant Michael Bradshaw

Mission: Welcome Back
Location: Various


Arms extended in front of him and with his phaser gripped in both hands, Lieutenant Michael Bradshaw halted his advance up the corridor as the door opened at the passage’s far end. Standing on the other side of the doorway were two Klingon's dressed in full battle armor and each was carrying a disruptor rifle. Their eyes widened in surprise at seeing Bradshaw standing mere meters in front of them. “Surprise.” He fired. Only one of the Klingon's managed to raise his weapon before he fell to the floor dead as a single shot from his weapon chewed into the floor while the Lieutenant fired again. The other Klingon dropped in a heap next to his companion, close enough to the door so that its sensors forced it to stay open. Michael gave brief consideration to the idea that he may have been better served by keeping one of the Klingon conscious, at least long enough to extract some useful information. But he quickly dismissed the notion, never trust a Klingon.

Moving past them Michael continued on when his communicator chirped. "Bradshaw here." He said peeking his head around a corner and spying another Klingon.

"Sir, Commander Sotel is requesting your presence in his office."

Bradshaw fired at the enemy down the hall but missed. "Dammit." he cursed as the Klingon charged at him firing his own weapon.

"Excuse me sir?"

Bradshaw fired several more times connecting on most of his shots. "Understood, I'm on my way." he finally answered before closing the channel. "Computer end simulation."

Suddenly the darkened hallways disappeared replaced by the yellow grid walls of the holodeck.

"How'd I do?" he asked.

The familiar female voice from the computer answered. "You performed three percent better than your last session, but still eight percent lower than your best performance from three months ago and you are still greatly under performing Commander Sotel who's score is twen-"

"Shut up computer." Michael snapped not needing to hear how much better his Vulcan boss was at pretty much everything than he was. He then straightened his uniform and left the holodeck, heading straight for the Commander's office.

--- One Month Later ---

Michael stood staring at the observation portal in his quarters as the transport ship he'd been on for the last four days finally dropped out of warp. Appearing In front of him out the portal was what was to be his new home for the foreseeable future; Raeya III. It wasn't much to look at, Michael thought to himself still frustrated at having been assigned here. It certainly wasn't where he wanted to be, he'd always envisioned his first department command being on a starship, not some forgotten base on a backwater planet that didn't even want Starfleet there in the first place. He sighed audibly. Still, he considered, it was a department command, even if it felt like he was being hidden away in the back of a closet.

He turned and pulled up the file on the current base commander of Hawkeye Island. "Captain Clay Teller," he said out loud as he read through the report, guffawing when he saw the man's age. "Just great, a geriatric CO and a mothballed base that hasn't been used in decades." He put the PADD down finding himself getting even more frustrated with his current situation. His career was probably over and this was just Starfleets way of telling him to leave.

Sliding the PADD into the dark green bag that contained his personal effects he then slung it over his shoulder and after checking his appearance one last time left his quarters and made his way to the transporter room. "Well they're gonna have to force me out." he decided as he moved down the hallway talking to himself and eliciting odd looks from passerbys. "I got nothing else, so I'm staying, I'll just learn to enjoy the beach." he shrugged and smiled at the transporter technician as he stepped into the room.

"Ready to beam down Sir?" the Petty Officer smiled back at him.

"Ready or not." Michael answered as he stepped onto the pad. "Be seeing you." he added as his body disappeared in a blue haze.


Lieutenant Michael Bradshaw
Chief of Base Security
Hawkeye Island


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