Hawkeye Island

Task Force 86

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Starfleet Back?

Posted on Sat Jun 13th, 2020 @ 6:46pm by Lieutenant Commander Naomi Morgan-Sharan & Jayden Sharan & Captain Clay Teller

Mission: Welcome Back
Location: Hawkeye Island Beach, Outside Command Center

Naomi woke up early that morning and did her morning routine of getting dressed, making breakfast and eating on her back porch facing the beach. Not knowing that Starfleet was returning. She had enjoyed her peaceful life here on Raeya III, not having to worry about anything. After breakfast was done she stretched and decided to go for a walk, though this time for some reason she wanted to go visit what used to be the Command Center of Hawkeye Island. Getting up placing her hooded jacket on that she always wore and her walking stick that she used for protection.

She began her walk and as she made it she noticed someone outside of the building in a Starfleet uniform at the rank of Ensign. Raising an eyebrow, she quietly walked up to him, "What are you doing here?" She asked as she clearly scared the living daylights out of him. "What is Starfleet doing back here?" She asked looking at him.

"I, uh," the ensign stammered. He raised a finger to Naomi. "Give me a moment, please." Tapping his commbadge, the man spoke, "Ensign Cooper to Captain Teller. I have a, uh, native out front."

Clay, who was in his office, testing to see if the hydraulic in his old chair still worked, replied, "A native? Who is it?"

Back on the ground, Ensign Cooper asked Naomi, "Um, so what's you name, miss?"

She raised an eyebrow at the Ensign, that voice sounded familiar. "Naomi Morgan and I am not a native." Naomi said almost annoyed. "Well not in that sense," she added looking at the young Ensign.

"Her name is Naomi--"

"Yes, I heard, ensign," Clay cut him off. The name sounded vaguely familiar. It certainly wasn't a Raeyan name, but try and he might, his mind just couldn't place it, which frustrated the hell out of him. "I'll be right there." Clay closed the channel, and then let out a heavy sigh, realizing he'd have to climb down all those stairs he just went up.

Naomi stood their waiting, the poor Ensign was obviously nervous. "Don't worry I won't bite," Naomi reassured him.

Making his way out the front open door, Clay was breathing heavy. He stopped by Ensign Cooper, and bent over to put his hands above his needs to catch his breath. After a deep breath, he stood up straight. Clay gave Naomi a look over and then furrowed his brow. The name seemed familiar, and now so did her face, but he still just couldn't place it. Offering his hand, Clay introduced himself simply, "Captain Clay Teller."

She looked at him and took her hood off, "What you don't recognize me after 14 years Clay?" She said looking at him with a smile, while the Ensign raised an eyebrow. "Back then I was Commander Naomi Morgan Executive Officer of Starbase Bravo before Starfleet left the area." Naomi said looking at him, "I am sure you remember my uncle Admiral Riskin," She added standing their. The Ensign wide eyed looking at her.

"Soooo you are in Starfleet?" The poor Ensign stammered while looking at her.

"I was in Starfleet, I since retired and been living her for the past 14 years," Naomi said looking at the Ensign.

"Now it seems you are back, so you better not try to kick me out of my beach front home." She then looked seriously at Clay, "I have lived there for 14 years and don't plan on packing up either." She added on a more serious note.

"Ensign calm down will you, your thoughts and nerves are bothering my head." She said hoping he called down.

A sense of familiarity washed over Clay's face as Naomi and Cooper commented back and forth. The memories began to rush back in, "Hell, if I remember your abilities correctly, Naomi, you could easily be a asset to us here. I just wasn't expecting the whole," he motioned toward her whole self, "Robin Hood getup."

She raised an eyebrow, "now that is funny," Naomi said as she had no intention of coming back.

"And yes," Clay stated to Naomi, "Starfleet is back, but they're not exactly putting all their resources behind this. In fact," admitted Clay as he glanced at the ground, then back at Naomi, "Starfleet kind of sent us in half-assed, leaving me out to dry. So I could use all the help I can get."

"I can see that, if you are it then good luck." She said looking at him, "I left Starfleet long ago, I have longed married and have children." Naomi replied, "and my abilities are much stronger then you even knew and probably best if you don't get to see that." Naomi sighed as she turned to leave. Just then her husband came walking up, she walked up to him. "What are they doing here?" Jayden Sharan asked, "Dear this is Captain Clay Teller, looks like Starfleet has come back." Naomi said, "This is my husband Jayden Sharan." Naomi said looking at Clay.

Giving Jayden a nod, Clay simply said, "Sir, a pleasure." Turning back to Naomi, "Seriously though, if you've been living here since we left, I could use someone like you, Naomi. I presume you'd have a better idea of what's going on here than any of us," Clay gestured toward the ensign, and Starfleet at large.

Jayden nodded in return, then looked at Naomi. "I don't know, I'll have to think about that." Naomi said as she told her husband telepathically they would talk when they got home, Jayden nodded kissing her on the forehead and headed back to their home. "That might be true, but Starfleet up and left. It's gonna be hard for the Raeyan's to trust Starfleet again," Naomi replied looking at him.

"Which is precisely why they sent me, I suppose," Clay stated. Dropping his shoulders a bit, he added, "That, and they couldn't find any where else to put me. But think about it. You know where I'll be," Teller gestured toward the buildings.

Naomi raised an eyebrow at that last statement, then looked up at the state of the buildings. "I'll let you know," Naomi said as she looked at him and the Ensign. "I have to get going, will be in contact soon." Naomi replied as she then walked off towards home, shaking her head.


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