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Medical Complex Set Up

Posted on Sat May 30th, 2020 @ 9:45pm by Lieutenant Ziteh Zh'rivath

Mission: Mission One: A New Beginning...(Backstory)
Location: Medical Complex Building

Lieutenant Ziteh Zh'rivath was in the Main Infirmary of the Medical Complex building that was adjacent to the Command Complex. A group of engineers where getting some systems online that needed to be fixed. She was acting Chief Medical Officer as they currently didn't have one, but would hopefully would but she would do the job until such time. She had a huge shipment come in when the Gladiator was there which was a huge help as they really didn't have much before.

The Medical Complex consisted of Main Infirmary, five surgical bays, five recovery areas ranging from Intensive Care to Therapy, as well as a counseling area. The Medical Complex was very much in sad shape and they only had a month to get it operational.

Everyone from doctors to nurses were working on getting things ready, cleaning, even fixing some of the beds things that they could do while the engineering team worked on everything else. They were rushing to get things cleaned up and everything in tip top shape if they were needed.

"Help me move this exam bed over here where it needs to be," Ziteh ordered some of the men.

"Aye sir," they replied as they walked over and helped move it over. "Perfect, if you could also move those over there and line them up where we can fit more in here, when your done with that go through the other area's and do the same thing." Ziteh ordered as they nodded, "report back to me when your done." She added as she walked off to inventory the supplies before they were sent to there area's and put away.

Walking to the storage room, which was a huge cargo area just for supplies as well as extra bio beds and other supplies where kept in case they were needed. Which they would be and they would even open up another level for another recovery ward if it were needed. There were a couple area's that were not being used except for offices, right now there wouldn't be much need for offices they need space for patience.

There was a small office near the entrance that she could use when needed.

She spent the next few hours inventorying everything, she had some help so she wasn't doing it all on her own but it did take up most of the day. They would need a good month to get the Medical Complex fully operational and ready. But with the team that she has she knew she could get it done within that time. But, it would be round the clock work and in shifts to get it done.


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