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Launch of the RSN Griebler

Posted on Fri Jun 5th, 2020 @ 10:09am by Ralcif Quilles

Mission: Mission One: A New Beginning...(Backstory)
Location: Ayrenis, Raeya 3
Timeline: 2 Years Ago

Making his way through the crowd that had to be well into the 4 digits large, President Quilles greeting the occasional Raeyan, thanking them for coming out today for this historical event. His bodyguards followed several meters behind, a gap in the crowd created between the President and them. After several minutes, Quilles eventually made his way up to a small stage. It wasn't elevated much, only a few steps to get up it, and had enough room for a narrow podium and a few seats behind, of which those occupants where standing, waiting for Quilles. After a quickly greeting the 3 of them, Ralcif took the podium and waited for the gathered crowd to settle down. The Raeyan men, women, and children stood on a massive paved slab, able to fit several times more than the few thousand that showed up for this launch. Behind President Quilles were both the Secretaries of the Raeyan Star Navy and Raeyan Guard, an eager captain, and a few hundred meters further back, sat a starship in one of the two planetary construction drydocks Raeya had capable of building such a vessel. The vessel, the RSN Griebler, so named after a long deceased founder of the late Raeya 2, sat dormant, awaiting for the Raeyan President to speak.

"A helluva ship, right?" Quilles started. A few people hollered in support and the Raeyan President continued, "Seriously, every single one of you and your families should be incredibly proud of the ships you've built. Every fabricator, engineer, designer, scientist and countless others, without you, the dream of a Raeyan fleet wouldn't be realized. We certainly wouldn't be here, celebrating the launch of the fourth ship in its class, the one that will be our flagship. Our Raeyan flagship." The crowd erupted into an applause. Ralcif raised his hands and everyone quickly quieted down. "Lets get this show on the road. I want to introduce you all to Captain Gonstadt. An experienced captain, she will lead the Greibler as the spearhead to our fresh fleet, and prove to the galaxy at large that we are a power not to be just cast aside on a whim."

Captain Gonstadt, a distinguished Raeyan woman, with long black hair pulled into a tight ponytail. Her and the President shook hands, he wished her good luck and instructed her to get the hell on her ship. With a large step back, Gonstadt gave a wave to the crowd, who was busy with applause, shouts of encouragement, and whistling. An orange transporter beam engulfed the captain. After a few moment of letting the citizens do their thing, Ralcif leaned forward on the podium. "This part never gets old," he said quietly, but his voice was amplified by the speakers placed around. The four impulse engined tugboats attached to each corner of the Greibler roared to life. After a moment that seemed to stretch in time, the Greibler slowly began to rise from its drydock into the sky.

This allowed a much clearer look at the ship. It was a long and narrow ship. Not much less in length than a Federation Intrepid-class vessel, but about half the height. It's hull was also much narrower, like a tube with two long warp nacelles jutting forward held by thick angular pylons near the aft of the ship. At the front, the top line of the ship curved forward ever so gently into a blunt nose that held the deflector dish. It's hull was a deep, dark blue. Unlike most Starfleet vessels, this ship was built purely as an exercise in Reayan military strength. It held no plush quarters, no holodecks, no bars with bartenders that held endless wisdom. It was a lean ship, Reayan engineered, Reayan built, and Raeyan crewed. As the ship ascended further into the sky, the tugs eventually slowed to holding the Greibler into a steady hover. The Greibler's own impulse exhaust began to glow a bright crimson red. After another few moments, the tugs detached and began to descend back to Reayan soil as the Greibler flew up under it's own power, faster and faster until it disappeared in the blue Reayan sky.


Ralcif stood in his office, in front of his own desk, facing a large wall-mounted display. Currently, that display was showing the real-time locations of the now seven strong fleet of Reayan frigates in large blue diamonds, and small squares showing the several dozen smaller ships that made up the aptly nicknamed "Salvage Fleet" throughout the Reayan system and just beyond. Quilles has holding a tablet, not paying any attention to the wall screen. "So the base commander will not be there?" he asked re-reading the Federation meeting request.

"I'm afraid not," replied Ralcif's most trusted aide, who had just handed the President the tablet a few moments ago.

Shaking his head, "Damn shame. I'd like to meet her one of these days. I've always found the Starfleet types to be much more pragmatic than their politicians and ambassadors."

Stepping forward once, the aide began to say, "I can request that the General--"

"Not necessary," Quilles cut of the man with a wave of his hand. "It'll happen at some point, I'm sure. Not something I want to rush." Quilles couldn't say if he was looking forward to meeting with Ambassador Eisen after their first, rather useless meeting. Handing the tablet loosely back to his aide, Quilles grabbed his sport jacket that was hanging on the wall next to his desk and threw it on. "Let's head that way," the President said, "And be sure to tell the pilot to take the scenic route. I want to be fashionably late to this one."


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