Hawkeye Island

Task Force 86

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A Simple Patrol

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Mission: Mission One: A New Beginning...(Backstory)
Location: High Over Hawkeye Island
Timeline: December 2395

SUMMARY: Mitchell and Duarte are on patrol when something unexpected pops up on their sensors.


Over Hawkeye Island two Valkyrie fighters appear flying in formation.

“So what exactly are we patrolling for”, Lieutenant Mitchell, call-sign ‘Renegade’, said over the comm from his position as the Element Wingman.

“You know as much as I do”, Lieutenant Sophia "IQ" Duarte replied as she pulled her Valkyrie up to Renegades left side as the Element Leader.

"So, patrolling for nothing then." Renegade replied bored.

"Look, you read the intel just like I did, they think a war is coming. We're looking out for any hostile activity, make sure your sensors scan the water too."

Renegade scoffed and rolled his eyes behind his flight helmet. “I mean why is it us pilots that gotta be out here on patrol while everyone else gets to be down there on the beach sipping stardrifters and dancing with the ladies”. He motioned out side the cockpit towards the Island. He continued. “You wanna’ explain that one to me? I mean the Ships in orbit would pick up anything entering the entire system and they can certainly scan the water and everything else for bad guys, what is it we’re supposed to be doing out here besides wasting our time”.

“Oh you poor, poor man”, IQ rolled to the right, “We don’t need to understand it, orders are orders”.

“Yeah Yeah Yeah, what if it’s a bad order, you gonna follow an order to your death?”, Renegade said keeping in formation.

“I'm talking about our duty as Starfleet Pilots, we all have orders, and we all have to follow them.”

“Even if you think the orders are stupid”.

“Especially if you think the orders are stupid”.

Clearly disagreeing Renegade held up a certain finger making an obscene gesture from his cockpit.

“Hey I think I got something”, IQ said interrupting the banter as her scanners light up, “I got a count of three bogeys on the screen, TACAN calls it…bearing Two-Niner-Three…let’s say 100 meters under water.”

“Copy that”, Mitchell answered checking his own screen for the blips. "I think something is wrong with my sensors, I'm not picking up anything." he said tapping at the board in frustration.

IQ pushed forward and left on on the stick leading the way, “Setting an intercept, just follow my lead. Lets get low and hug the water, catch them by surprise”.

Mitchell followed her lead tightening up the formation and the two Valkyries descended in unison to just a few meters above the water.

“Alright what do we got”. Renegade asked as they neared the targets, his scanners still not working.

“Unsure”. IQ replied, her fingers already on the correct buttons scanning the unidentified targets. “Wait, I've got six submerged bogeys, not three”.

“There’s SIX!”, Renegade replied as he tried desperately to get his scanners operational. "My sensors are still screwed, I've got nothing."

"Wait.....hold on." IQ's voice filtered over the comms and then a second later, "False alarm, I'm reading biological s....probably just some Raeyan sea creatures, something the size of an earth whale."

Renegade let out a loud laugh. "A whale huh?"

"Something like that yeah, when we get back I'll get the readings over to science and they can figure out exactly what so we don't go chasing after them again." IQ Replied. "Lets get back to base and have your sensors looked at, no point in doing patrol if they don't work."

"Copy that." Renegade answered and the two ships ascended and routed course back to base.


Second Lieutenant John "Renegade" Mitchell
Fighter Pilot
17th Interceptor Squadron "Vipers"
66th SEG
Hawkeye Island

Second Lieutenant Sophia "IQ" Duarte
Fighter Pilot
17th Interceptor Squadron "Vipers"
66th SEG
Hawkeye Island


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