Hawkeye Island

Task Force 86

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The Locals

Posted on Sat May 30th, 2020 @ 9:55pm by Brigadier General Leah Katana & Lieutenant Milika Wild & Ambassador Robert Eisen

Mission: Mission One: A New Beginning...(Backstory)
Location: Command Center, Leah's Office

She had sent a message to Ambassador Eisen to report to her office for a meeting, she also sent one to Lieutenant Wild as well. After a few moments Milika walked into the office, "you requested to see me sir?" She asked, "yes please have a seat as soon as the Ambassador arrives we can start this meeting. Milika took a seat and waited.

Eisen had not long been back on campus as it were for sometime, It had been several months to be more precise; and that had been by choice. His villa by the sea was always a more attractive option than a concrete looking monolithic mega structure. And now the Island was a buzz, Starfleet and the Marines had returned, and right now, it looked as if they had never been away.

The lights in the Corridor were bright with its extra florescent beams shining against the newly painted white washed walls. he Squinted as his eyes slowly adjusted to the new light. It was time to meet the new base commander.

he reached out and tapped the door com and waited to be invited in.

She looked up, "Come in." Leah replied as the doors parted to see a man standing there. "Ah Ambassador welcome please come in." She said with a smile.

The Doors opened and he was greeted with a smile; Eisen flashed his teeth and returned the smile. Pleasure to finally meet you General; I trust all is well and that the locals haven't been causing you too many problems.

placing a hand on the back of the chair and gently squeezing the fabric. Although he loved the work, at times he also hated it. He was damn good at it. He Knew it. But he also craved the solitary life. Today was no exception

"So your probably wondering why I brought you both here. First off Ambassador Eisen, this is Lieutenant Milika Wild our Diplomatic Officer here on Hawkeye." Leah said introducing the other women in the room.

"I would like both you and Milika to head to Randa Isle to speak with the Dytaal President. Get a feel where they stand, etc." Leah replied looking at him.

"A pleasure Lt. Of course General; but i can already tell you where they stand, but perhaps with the aid of our young and intrepid Diplomatic officer; the answer or at least the guise of one, may appear different, It may be time for them to see a different face, instead of this rugged thing. I;m not as handsome as i used to be" So it would seem our new base commander has no time to trivialities he thought as he smiled politely, scanning the office for information. It was always good to gather intelligence or a later date.

"Is there anything specific you would like me to ask or acquire for the Federation?"

She thought for a moment, "even though they asked us to come back, just make sure he's on our side. Also ask if needed if they have air support to help defend the planet." Leah asked looking at him. Milika nodded at the orders, "It will be a pleasure to work with you Ambassador, I have heard many great things about you." Milika said with a smile.

After they talked for awhile more and they were aware of what she wanted they both left, she hoped to get a good report but part of her wasn't sure. She had reserves about their motives, but she hoped they were good and some good would come of this. She went back to her reports.


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