Hawkeye Island

Task Force 86

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Why Did I Do This?

Posted on Sun May 24th, 2020 @ 6:58pm by Commander Rann & Brigadier General Leah Katana & Commander Alexander Zandusky

Mission: Mission One: A New Beginning...(Backstory)
Location: Hawkeye Island, Landing Pad B
Timeline: Present


Rann stepped out of the Mustang Class Runabout and on to solid ground for the first time in years.

'What the hell am I doing here?' Rann thought to himself as he looked around. The sun was shining and the war seemed far away but the PADDs he was carrying quickly reminded him it was closer than it appeared.

A transfer from Starbase 400 really wasn't something he wanted to do, but if it helped the war effort...

Rann had been a member of Starbase 400's crew for many years as an Intelligence Officer. With Starbase 400 in Typhon Pact hands and a fleet gathering at Starbase 23 to try to retake the station, he'd been crunching data but didn't seem to really help the situation. So the angry little Bolian opened his big mouth and asked for a transfer to somewhere he could be of more use.

Now, here he was, on a Marine base in the Reayan Expansion Area on the other side of the Klingon Empire between Romulan and Krazzle territory. Out of the pot and into the fire indeed.

Rann made his way to the Command Center. He showed his orders to the Officer on duty who told him he wasn't aware of his pending arrival. However he assigned Rann quarters and told him his belongings would be sent there. With so many new people lately, the orders must have been misplaced.

Rann shugged as he received a PADD with a map of the base, and he quickly made a bee-line to his office. He wasn't planning to clock in to work that fast, he just wanted to make sure he had a quiet place to work. After years of listening to Lek Draven's 1960's rock music in SB400's CiC, he needed some peace and quiet.

Once he found the office, and it met with his standards, he then headed for his quarters. Of course, his stuff wasn't there yet though. He ordered a whisky from the foodslot and had a quick drink and just took a deep breath.

Now, it was time to meet his new CO...

Arriving at the General's Office, Rann rang the chime.

She looked up wondering who that could be, she wasn't expecting anyone. "Enter," She said as the doors opened and a Bolian Commander walked in in Gray uniform. She raised an eyebrow, she was unaware of any new crew being assigned. "Can I help you Commander?" She asked looking at him.

"Commander Rann reporting for duty General." He handed her a PADD, "Fleet Admiral Bremer sends his compliments." His monotone voice even seemed a little annoying to him, but he didn't want to come off too gruff to his new CO.

She took the padd and read it, "Commander Zandusky please report to my office immediately." Leah replied, "So who are you?" She said as she seen the date on the padd and grew a bit concerned.

Rann's eyes narrowed, 'Hadn't she requested a new Intel Officer?' He asked himself. "I'm Commander Rann, the new Chief Intelligence Officer assigned to Hawkeye Island, transferred from Starbase 400. I was under the impression you needed a new Intel Chief after the previous officer was killed in combat."

Alexander was in the midst of setting up the holographic interface in the Den- as some of his staff had begun calling the primary work area of the Strategic Operations Annex because of the building being part of the inside of a mountain-when his combadge chirped and the general's voice came through. He sighed and tapped it. "Understood, on my way."

Zandusky walked to the SOA's entrance and stepped on the secure transporter PADD, he looked at the security officer manning the control station and said, "Base Command Center, please." The officer nodded and Zandusky said, "Energize."

A moment later, he found himself at the Base Command Center and walked toward the general's aide-de-camp, nodded at them and then entered the general's office. He wasn't as surprised as he thought he'd be by the presence of the general and another officer. Alexander noticed the rank of commander as he passed by the other man's right arm to stand near the general's desk, the color of the uniform couldn't be mistaken-the intelligence department. Possibly another surprise from Sevlek? Zandusky pushed that aside and said, "General," looked to the commander and said, "and commander..." He trailed off, allowing someone to fill him in.

She looked at Zandusky and handed him a padd, "Look at the timestamp." She said then turned her head towards Rann. "What do you mean...killed in battle? What are you talking about?" Leah replied wondering if she should call security next.

Alexander took the PADD and read. He shifted his gaze between the other two officers and back to the PADD, "We can't let this get out." He paused, "As tempting as it is to ask about what happens, I think we should avoid asking those questions as well."

Rann looked at the Commander. "Zandusky right? You were apart of Admiral Sevlek's team on Starbase 400 before the war." Rann then looked back at Katana, "My orders are signed by Fleet Admiral Bremer himself, dated, Stardate 73890.3." He looked at both of them for a moment, then realized something was really wrong.

She nodded to Zandusky's advice and locked the door for a moment, "What I am about to say does not no outside of this room." Leah responded. "Our current time is December 2395." Leah replied looking at him. "Something must have had to happen." Leah responded with a sigh, "But you will not talk about what will happen to anyone even myself or Zandusky." Leah ordered looking at Rann.

Zandusky nodded to Leah's orders. It only made sense. If any of Rann's information got out, it could contaminate the timeline; or break the temporal prime directive. He suppressed a shudder at the thought of being questioned by Temporal Protection Agents again, "I, for one, would prefer to not be questioned by any Temporal Protection Agents."

Rann looked back and forth at both people, "But people are going to die! Maybe we can't stop the war, but we can make sure the Federation is ready! To hell with TI or the Temporal Prime Directive." He looked back and forth at them again. "Don't those lives matter?"

Sighing, "I understand that, but we can not change what's already happened! It will change history even yours and things could be stuck on repeat if we interfere!" She barked. "Your being here could have already affected things we don't know but we will not! I repeat not interfere with what has already taken place! That is an order! If you defy those you will be locked in the brig until the time is correct. If I don't decide to now!" She sternly said. "Do I make my self perfectly clear Commander!"

Rann was not happy. He lost his whole family in the Dominion War when Bolarus IX was attacked. Now, people that had lost loved ones like he had years ago had a second chance and he was just told 'no' because of some rule? He glared at the General for a moment. "I understand your orders."

Zandusky inwardly frowned at the tones that both General Leah and Commander Rann has just used, "Commander, do you mind if I ask why you're so vehemently against not using the information?" Zandusky glanced at Leah, then back to Rann.

"We have the chance to save lives that may have been lost before. As an Intel officer, I knew when the war starts, the targets, the major offensives, the heavy losses. We can stop some of the endless slaughter before it even begins." Rann paused, his usual gruff tone replaced by a gentler one, "People won't have to go through that I did during the Dominion War, losing everyone they love in a senseless war."

Leah walked over to the window, "I been through the Bajoran Occupation, the Dominion war and now this. Don't you think I know this..." Leah said as tears ran down her face. "But, we can't play God and change how it's going to go, how it's already gone." Leah said softly...

Zandusky spoke up, using a gentler tone than he normally would. Rann had obviously lost many close to him during the Dominion War. "Commander Rann, as much as I understand, and agree with, what you're saying, we can't do anything that could harm the timeline. Even if that means saving lives. We have no way of knowing what our tampering might do."

Rann let out a deep breath. His posture slouched in defeat. "Aye sir."

She look back at Rann, "Will let you get settled, if you need anything please let us know." Leah said looking at him.

"Yes ma'am." Rann replied as he straightened up. He gave a respectful nod then left the General's Office.

If he couldn't change what was to happen, then he would devote his time to studying every move, every engagement, every operations, every advance, and every retreat the Typhon Pact made...would make. Then, when Stardate 73890.3 arrived he'd be able to anticipate what they would do so he could help end the war.



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