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Staff Meeting

Posted on Mon May 18th, 2020 @ 7:20am by Brigadier General Leah Katana & Brigadier General Adam Stone & Commander Alexander Zandusky & Commander Dira Sherren & Lieutenant Commander Ashley Solomon & Lieutenant Salvadore Niavi-Weidan & Lieutenant Michael Bradshaw

Mission: Mission One: A New Beginning...(Backstory)
Location: Command Center, Staff Meeting Observation Lounge

Leah had gotten up early, gotten ready for her day and then headed to her office to do some last-minute work. She had sent a message ahead to Commander Zandusky requesting that he take on an additional role as Executive Officer starting immediately. She also sent him in the same message to have him compile a briefing on the Typhon Pact and where they stood. She waited on his reply back while reading reports.

Alexander woke up earlier than normal, the previous day had been long, with a lot of time spent working on getting the Strategic Operation Annex up and running, and a couple of staff meetings he was working up the plans for. He checked his messages and noticed one from the Base's CO, General Leah, and read it. It asked if he was willing to accept the additional role of Executive Officer of Hawkeye Island. He considered saying no, he wasn't interested in command, but then remembered that Sevlek had asked him to do all he could to help Leah Katana get Hawkeye up and running. So he replied with an affirmative to the extra work.

After his reply, she then sent out a message to all Senior Staff to report to the Staff Meeting Observation Lounge attached to her office in one hour. She then started working on her meeting notes as well as she drank her coffee.

About fifteen minutes prior to the start she grabbed her padds and headed to the meeting room and waited for her staff to come.

Dira heard the call and walked from her office to the Observation lounge smartly. Entering the observation lounge, she saw the General, "Good day General, how are you today?", she asked as she got a cup of oolong tea and sat down.

"I am doing good how are you Commander?" She asked looking at her. "We haven't meet officially, you must be our Chief Engineering Officer that had remained aboard from the last crew." Leah added looking at her.

"Yes General, I stayed behind. There still needs a lot of work done. I am taking it one day at a time sir thankyou", Dira said smiling.

Marine Captain Mike Hunter stepped into the room next. "Morning General." he greeted Leah and then looked at the woman he recognized as the bases head engineer "I owe you a bottle of single malt." he pointed at her, "You're people have been incredible help getting the squadron operational." he held out his hand, "We haven't formally met yet, I'm Mike."

Taking the Captain's hand, "I'm Dira and thankyou Captain. We have been working hard to get your hanger bays operational," she said smiling.

Dor had been in his office when the notification for a senior staff meeting hit his console. He nodded and looked at his coffee mug. It was empty, and had been for long enough for him to be wanting more. He took one last look at the report he was writing on the recent sensor readings, standard reporting as an official sign off before the readings and his report were passed up the chain and off to Starfleet Science for either review or storage, depending on if anything interesting had come up. There had been a slight increase in background tachyon particles at the edge of the system, but it was within normal parameters, so he had marked it but not focused any additional resources on it. It wasn't a dense enough spike to be a cloaked ship, and from what he knew it wasn't a sharp enough spike to be any kind of temporal engine. He tapped his fingers on the edge of the console a moment, then sent the report and stood. He figured grabbing a cup of coffee on the way to the main building for the staff meeting would be appropriate, and if he left now he could get that done and still be early. Blanking his screen, and damping his lights, he left to do just that.

Having received the General's message regarding the staff meeting, Ashley was glad that he'd been able to get to know some o the other senior officers soon after his arrivals and in that way, he didn't feel like he was walking into a room full of strangers. Having completed his early morning meetings with the various Ops teams on base and getting them put to task, Ashley gathered a PADD with his various updates and reports for the General and the Senior staff and made his way towards Staff Meeting Observation Lounge.

On the way, he stopped off at a replicator and ordered a cup of Earl Grey, then proceeding to the Staff Meeting Observation Lounge and making his way in. As he arrived, he already recognised Dira and saw that General Katana was here as well. "Good morning, General, everyone," he said as he moved to a seat at the table. "For those that don't know me yet, I'm Lt Commander Ashley Solomon, I'm your new Chief of Operations here." he left the explanation to hold for a moment as he out down his drink and PADD.

Dor offered a smile and a raise of his coffee mug to Ash by way of greeting after the introduction. He then took a sip of the drink, relishing the sharp cinnamon flavor cutting the sweet of the Bajoran cocoa in his coffee.

After responding to the general's request, Alexander proceeded with his normal morning routine, and then a little extra. He'd recently gotten a new trivia program that, until now, he hadn't really gotten the chance to try. He ran it from his PADD on his way to the briefing. Despite how good he thought he was with trivia, on the trip to the briefing he had only gotten 71% right without hints, but if you added the hinted questions into the mix, he was at 88%. He turned the program off as he entered the briefing lounge.

After an early breakfast, he'd been out the door before Leah had even been stirring, and feeling the 'weight' of the new rank on his collar, he'd made his way to the 4th Division Headquarters building. He was only mildly surprised to find the XO he had met the day before had been reassigned already and a new one would be dispatched soon. 'Typical BuPers.' He thought to himself. He scheduled a staff meeting for after lunch and headed for his first official function as 4th Division CO, a staff meeting with his wife and all the other heads on base.

One benefit of having been Deputy Commander of Hawkeye for the previous week before his own new orders had dropped into his lap was that he knew where pretty much everything on base was already. So making his way from his HQ to the meeting was simplicity itself. He entered the Observation Lounge and made his way to the seat at the opposite end of the table from Leah. He wondered how many of the people in the room had done their homework and read up on their new bosses personnel file and noticed the family section. With that amusing thought he took his seat.

"Morning General, everyone." He nodded politely and took a sip from the travel mug of coffee he'd been nursing since breakfast.

Once everyone had arrived, "Good morning everyone. Thank you for coming this morning we got a few things to cover." Leah said as she looked around the room. "There have been a few changes, as of last night "Colonel Stone was promoted to Brigadier General and moved to 4th Marine Division CO position to rear up the Marine Detachment here on Hawkeye." Leah began as she looked at Adam then everyone else.

"Secondly, Commander Zandusky has agreed to pull double duty as Executive Officer and Chief Strategic Operations Officer." Leah added, now getting down to the heart of the meeting.

"Your all probably wondering why I have called a staff meeting," She began.

"Starfleet has returned to Hawkeye Island in hopes to protect Raeya III. Though the locals are really not happy we have returned, though some are." Leah added. "We have about a month to get Hawkeye Island up to one hundred percent." She added as she looked at Zandusky.

"Commander Zandusky, do you mind sharing with us about the Typhon Pact and what is ahead?" Leah asked as she turned the floor over to him.

Zandusky nodded as he stood, "We believe that the Typhon Pact is going to launch an assault in approximately one month. Projections indicate that the Raeyan Sector Block, the Raeyan Transit Corridor, and the Triangle are all first level targets." He entered commands on his PADD and brought up a holo-display on the table. It showed expected assault targets, including Raeya III, and percentages of forces allocated to each area.

He continued as he pointed to the display, "Fortunately for us, we believe that the Typhon Pact will perform rapid strikes on all three simultaneously." He shifted the projection to the Triangle, "I believe that they'll want to send a message and take Starbase 400 as quickly as possible. Simulations estimate that they'll commit nearly 70% of their forces to that target."

He shifted the projection again, this time to the Raeyan Transit corridor-the small stretch of space that connected the Raeyan Sector Block to the bulk of Federation space. "Starfleet presence is limited in the transit corridor, so we'll like see five to ten percent of their forces committed there."

Alexander shifted the display again, this time it zoomed in on Raeya III, "The remainder of their forces will be committed to taking the Raeyan System, then spreading out from there." He zoomed the image out, displaying the entirety of the Raeyan Sector Block, "The majority of worlds in the Raeyan Sector Block have relied on Starfleet for patrol and security for years. With a presence reduced to almost nothing, the Typhon Pact will likely think the region easily assaulted."

Zandusky sat down and waited for any questions.

Dira started to punch in her calculations for her repair times and finish dates. 'Whoa! That's cutting it close if you ask me' she said to herself.

"No kidding." Hunter said softly hearing the CEO's comment. He shook his head slightly as he glanced at General Katana and a few of the other faces before returning his gaze back on Zandusky, hoping that the intel was wrong.

Ashley worked away on his estimates and agreed with Dira's reaction to the timeframe that they were working within. "A month to get Hawkeye up and running at full working order? Its possible, in fact, no, it's very possible. It's just means that some of us will be pulling triple shifts with our teams," he commented. Looking up and seeing reactions to his comment, Ashley continued. "I'm fine with that..."

However, that wasn't the only issue that bothered him. "Sir, Starbase 400 is a key strategic outpost, is there nothing that can be done to hold off any action by the Typhon Pact? Your projections sound as if it's a foregone conclusion that Starfleet will lose the Starbase." Whilst he offered a question with his observation, Ashley was certain that he almost knew the answer straight away

She looked at Zandusky, "Now brings the issue of the Etneral Light, do you think they will use this to try to get rid of us for good with the Typhon Pact problem?" She asked looking at him.

Alexander nodded, "I think that the Eternal Light will actively work with Typhon Pact forces. I wouldn't be surprised if there is already a Typhon Pact force on the planet, as we speak."

"That adds another string to their bow then and also means we'll need to be on the lookout for potential action from both sides," Ashely commented. "Do we have any friends that are local? It's starting to feel little cold in this briefing alone." He knew his wit was dry, but the odds were seemingly building against them.

"I am not sure on that Commander...it's hard telling right now how the locals feel." Leah said as she sighed. She looked at Adam, "I need your Marines to start patrolling Hawkeye Island, Security team will also help as well but I want you to do the majority of it." Leah stated as she looked at him.

"Roving patrols are no problem. I can send some of my Marines to beef up the gate security forces easily enough." Adam commented jotting down some notes. He looked to the head of the base's engineers. "Not to add even more work Commander Sherren, but we're gonna need multiple layers of fighting positions prepped around and within the base if that's not already on your to-do list. I'll spare what Marines I can to help with the construction."

"We have three attached ships above the planet who will be on continued patrol and will report anything they find to us on a regular basis." Leah added as she didn't want to be with our tails tucked between our butts when things hit the fan.

She looked to both Commander Solomon and Commander Sherren, "Work together to get this base up to a hundred per cent. I know it will mean a lot of work but we don't need any surprises. Though I can count there probably will be, so be prepared for anything." She added looking at them for a moment.

Ashley nodded as the General made her orders clear. there was some hard work ahead within a tight timeframe and he knew what he needed to do.
"Understood, General, we're on it," Ashley replied, looking at Dira.

She looked at Commander Zanduskey, "I want to have a meeting with you and our resident Infiltration Officer after this meeting." She ordered.

Alexander nodded, "Yes, ma'am."

She then looked at our new Chief Science Officer, "Get your area operational and keep sensor sweep of the planet while our ships will keep sensors of above the planet." Leah said to the Lieutenant.

"Will do." He replied with a nod. His amiable smile had since vanished to a business-like mask that was barely readable. He'd seen some combat before, but wasn't a fan by any stretch of the imagination. He'd made several mental notes while the others spoke, and made another at the order to keep the planetary sweeps as his departments priority.

Finally she looked at Captain Hunter, "Get your team operational and begin regular intervals of air sweeps above Hawkeye." Leah ordered.

"Just the base?" he asked, wondering if she was specifically saying not to enter civilian airspace.

"As of right now just Hawkeye Island, it's a pretty big Island," Leah replied as she looked at him.

"Understood General." He replied with a nod.

After she gave orders she looked around, "I know this was a lot to take in, but we got a lot of work to do so you all have your orders." She started as she looked around. "You're all dismissed," she said as she looked at them.


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