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Task Force 86

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Flying 101

Posted on Wed May 20th, 2020 @ 2:57pm by Lieutenant Michael Bradshaw
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Mission: Mission One: A New Beginning...(Backstory)
Location: Hawkeye Island - 17th IS Squadron Classroom
Timeline: December 2395 (1 Day after Joint Staff Meeting)

Summary : Captain Hunter instructs the pilots on the value of teamwork, and briefs them on their possible enemy's in the upcoming conflict.


“The hottest moves in the world aren’t going to help you if you wind up alone. Your wingman's got to be able to follow you. Trust you. Know that they can depend on you. Its more than just fancy flying”. Marine Captain Hunter said standing in front of the assembled Squadron. A large screen behind him showed combat footage taken from the cockpit of a Valkyrie fighter as it was trying to maneuver to score a kill against a Jem'Hadar attack ship. He pointed at one of the Valkyrie pilots before him. “When you are out there, nobody flies alone, two is one, one is none”. He turned and looked at the screen watching as the lone Valkyrie moved in for the kill and just as he was about to lock on his target he was destroyed by an unnoticed enemy ship. Hunter paused the video. "If this pilot had stayed with his wingman, then he'd be still be alive today." he looked at each of the pilots before him. "Now most of you-"

At that moment the door in the back of the class slid open and Lt. James Mitchell stepped in and hoping to remain unnoticed quickly slid into the first available seat.

"Thanks for joining us Lieutenant," Hunter said staring right at him. "Late night?"

Mitchell cleared his throat and adjusted the large sunglasses covering his eyes. "Uhh, no later than usual Sir."

A few of the other pilots chuckled soflty at that.

"As I was saying," Hunter continued the class, "Most of you don't have any experience combat flying in atmospheric conditions. That's not your fault, it's considered specialized training so the Academy doesn't teach it anymore. But you will all need to become experts now. You need to start memorizing the weather forecasts and learn to make adjustments for wind speed and temperatures. Local wildlife is in the area so you'll need to be aware of that as well." he paused for a half breath and continued, "And most importantly you need to be aware of the hardtop, you're used to flying in an unrestricted vertical axis, not anymore. Gravity is going to be the biggest thing to overcome. Be aware of where you are at all times, your fellow Marines and shipmates are below you not to mention the civilians in the surrounding city's and Islands."

Hunter took a second and switched the screen to show a slideshow of images of each of the different types of ships that are in the Typhon Pact. "Got these fresh from Intel, some of these pictures I'm showing you are still classified, especially the Tholian and Breen ships." he continued. "You'll find all these images as well as the latest intel we have on each type of fighter that you might possibly be coming up against on your PADDs. You'll need to make sure you are studied up on each one of them. Over the next few weeks we're going to be hitting the simulators pretty hard to find weaknesses and vulnerabilities. We're going to formulate strategies and come up with tactics that we can use against them."

Hunter turned his whole body to face the class, "Any questions?"

Stilleto raised a finger. "How good is this intel, I mean, is this just a precaution or are we in shit our pants mode?"

"It's strong enough that Starfleet feels the need to spend a whole lot of resources re-establishing its presence here on Hawkeye Island." Hunter replied. "Now with any luck they'll be wrong, but that's not your concern. As far as your concerned war is going to happen and you need to be prepared."

Stilleto nodded her head, eyes focused on her PADD. "So shit our pants mode then." she said quietly under her breath.

"Anymore questions?"

After a few seconds of silence and shaking heads Hunter continued. "Okay, as of now we'll be flying 24/7 patrols over the base, standard procedure, but I want one ship on a ready five standby, Snake I'd like you to set up a schedule please. Angel and BUGS I need you to coordinate with the Marine regiment, make yourselves available if they need to do any joint training or if they just need a ride." Hunter pauses for a second and looks around the room. "Now if there aren't any more questions, you guys are dismissed."

The assembled squad began to talk among themselves as they stood up and started to leave.

"Except for you Mr. Mitchell." Hunter's says stopping the pilot.

"Damnit..." Mitchell mutters under his breath as he turns to face the CAG.

Once the other pilots have left the room Hunter begins talking. "What is it with you?" he asks, "I've read your file, I know how good of a pilot you are, but I also know how much of a screw up you are. Why are you even here?"

Mitchell was expecting this and came prepared. "Sir, I'm here to serve Starfleet and be the best pilot in the fleet.."

"Bullshit." Hunter scoffs shaking his head. "You show up late to a meeting again and you'll be grounded and put on the hangar clean up detail, understand?"

"Yes sir." Mitchell answers immediately.

"Get out of here."

Hunter sighed as Mitchell quickly leaves the room and then shut off the display behind him. If war really was coming then he had a hell of a lot more work to do to get these pilots ready for it. "One thing at a time." he reminded himself.

"Captain Hunter." Petty officer Jones' face appeared peaking into the room, "I just wanted to remind you of your appointment with Lieutenant Zh'rivath, she's is expecting you in twenty minutes."

"Right." He replied knowing it would be futile to argue with her after having put it off for so long. "Thanks Alex, was just on my way."


Marine Captain Mike "Paladin" Hunter
66th Space Expeditionary Group Commander
Hawkey Island

(And other pilots)


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