Hawkeye Island

Task Force 86

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Some Good News

Posted on Fri May 1st, 2020 @ 10:49pm by Lieutenant Michael Bradshaw
Edited on on Sun May 3rd, 2020 @ 11:41pm

Mission: Mission One: A New Beginning...(Backstory)
Location: Hawkeye Island - CAG's Office
Timeline: December 2395


"Ten?" Captain Hunter said with a sigh. "That's all we have, even with the parts we got from the USS Gladiator?"

"Afraid so Sir." Senior Chief Jake Random answered. "But you can bet your ass those ten will be in tip top shape, and we've got a decent amount of leftover parts for any repairs that we might need to make."

Hunter nodded, leaned back in his chair and then rubbed a hand through the hair on the top of his head. "How long till you'll have these ten fighters at one hundred percent?"

Random creased his forehead and thought for a second. "Forty eight hours max."

Hunter smiled, there was a damn good reason he'd specifically brought Senior Chief Petty Officer Jake Random here with him to Raeya III and that was because in all his twenty something years in and around Starfighters, he'd never met anyone as good at running a hangar bay full of ships as good as Jake Random could. "Well at least I'll have some good news to report to the General tomorrow." He stood up, "Dismissed Senior, thanks for saving my ass one more time."

Jake jumped to his feet. "Ahh you keep my life interesting Sir." he grinned and then quickly left the office.

A half beat later Petty Officer Alex Jones stepped in. "You've got four more pilots arriving in the morning, including your new Squadron Commander, Lieutenant Carlson, he go's by the callsign 'Snake'." She paused considering the name and then swiped a finger across her PADD before continuing, "Also one of the base doctors is trying to get ahold of you, apparently you are overdue for your yearly physical." she looked up at Hunter and glared at him before continuing, "And that's pretty much it for today...." she let the word today drag on for a bit.

Hunter sighed quietly, he couldn't even remember the last time he actually had time to get into a cockpit and fly. All his time now was filled with just trying to get this air group operational. He looked at his longtime assistant, "Put off the physical, I'm just too busy-"

She cut him off, "Sir, but your implant is overdue for its second routine maintenance in a row."

He waved a hand, "It's fine, I'm the one who would know if their was any problems given that its inside of my body-"


"I'll get it checked out once we have the squadron operational, but not a second before."

Alex acquiesced with a sigh and a shake of her head. "Fine." She finally answered taping at her PADD furiously.

"And have the flight controller message me when Lt. Carlson has arrived, I'd like to meet him on the tarmac."

"Yes sir." Jones replied as she continued tapping away at her PADD.

Hunter watched her with a curious smile on his face for a few seconds before interrupting, "Is there anything else Alex?"

She stopped and looked up. "No, that's all." She answered and then hesitated, "Do you want me to hang out a bit we can go over the supply numbers."

He shook his head. "No that's OK, you can go ahead call it a night."

Alex hesitated again, "Well some of the marine officers over in the 10th are having a bonfire on the beach tonight, you should come."

"Maybe another time." Hunter smiled at the young woman. This wasn't the first time she tried to get him to go out and socialize with other people. "You go on ahead though, you can give me the gossip on those guys tomorrow."

"Yeah." she answered. "Well then goodnight Captain." she added with a sad nod before exiting the room and leaving the Captain all alone.

Swirling his chair around Hunter looked out his office window onto the air-field below and at the adjacent squadron hangar. The sun had set about an hour ago and so the tower and runway were lit-up in brilliant blue and yellow and red lights. The hangar was also fully lit and bustling with activity with no sign of stopping. They'd all be working through the night. Hunter would join them if he didn't think he'd just be a distraction. It was Senior Chief Random's world down there, and he'd only get in the way.

Turning back to his desk he lowered the lights in the room then reached into a drawer and withdrew a tall bottle half full with a light brown liquid. He poured the liquid into a glass, drank it and then refilled the glass immediately before pulling out a picture of a dark haired Vulcan woman.

"How was your day?" he whispered to the woman in the photo before downing the second glass. "Let me tell you about mine...."


Marine Captain Mike "Paladin" Hunter
66th Space Expeditionary Group Commander
Hawkey Island

Senior Chief Petty Officer Jake Random
Deck Chief
17th Interceptor Squadron
66th SEG
Hawkey Island

Petty Officer Alexandra Jones
Assistant to the CAG
17th Interceptor Squadron
66th SEG
Hawkey Island


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