Hawkeye Island

Task Force 86

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Rolling up some sleeves...

Posted on Fri May 8th, 2020 @ 11:10am by Commander Alexander Zandusky & Commander Dira Sherren & Lieutenant Commander Ashley Solomon

Mission: Mission One: A New Beginning...(Backstory)
Location: Strategic Operations Annex, Hawkeye Island
Timeline: ~December, 2395


Alexander had spent the last two hours going through the service areas of the newly dubbed SOA. He was no engineer, unlike his brother before he got that centre seat, but he was pretty sure the building wouldn't explode if its dedicated reaction was powered on. He tapped his combadge, "Zandusky to..." he paused as he consulted the base roster on his PADD, "Lieutenant Commanders Sherren and Solomon."

As he was speaking with Commander Sherren in Ops, Ashley looked up as he heard his combadge beep for attention as well as hers at the same time.

"This is Commander Solomon, how can I help," he answered back after tapping his combadge.

Tapping her combadge, "Sherren here, go ahead Commander", she said.

"I was curious if it was possible for either of you, or both-it doesn't matter, to come to the Strategic Operations Annex, it used to be a Research Annex, and double-check the building's reactor before I power it back on." Zandusky waited.

Ash nodded as he understood the Strategic Operations Officers request. He hadn't had the chance to meet all of the senior officers yet and this seemed to present a good opportunity. "No problem, we're on our way," Ash replied.

"On my way Commander", Dira said.

Alexander nodded to no one as he moved to the large room that would become the Strategic Operations Information Center, or CIC, in the mountain shielded area of the base. In truth, the room was probably larger than was needed for the purpose, but Zandusky liked to err on the side of caution. It was possible that the war would require Hawkeye to be prepared to coordinate entire fleets of starships in the region.

The strategic operations chief left the SOIC and headed for the entrance of the building. He was pleased to see that his increased security measures were already in place and the entrance was being manned by some security officers. It looked like they were preparing to set up some security systems on the entryway as well.

One of the four officers standing watch noticed him as he approached from the corridor, "Commander." Zandusky replied with a nod and the man continued, "Did you need something, sir?"

Zandusky shook his head, "No, I'm just here to meet Commanders Sherren and Solomon."

The lieutenant junior grade nodded and went back to working on his installing equipment as Zandusky waited.

Having made their way across the base from Operations, Both Ashley and Dira made their way towards the new Strategic Operations Annex. As they approached the doors, there were two security officers on duty. The stood forward as Ashley and Dira came to a halt.

"Can we help you, do you have business here?" asked one of the officers. Ash was taken a little back by this but also understood the need for Security in a climate that seemed to on its way to them and soon.

"Commanders Solomon and Sherren to see Commander Zandusky, he requested our presence here," Ash explained. The officer nodded and allowed them access. Once inside, they both noticed that the area was still having console and various equipment being installed. Already Ash's Operations head was working away to see what they would require. After taking a look around, Ash liked up to see another Officer in the room

"Ah, Commander Zandusky?" he asked.

"Cmdr. Zandusky how may I be of service sir?," as Dira said looking around.

Alexander looked up and smiled, "Ah, thank you both for coming, I'm sure you had other things on your list of chores to get the base up and running." He paused as he walked over to both of them. "I would just like a seal of approval from the two of you before the building's reactor is powered on."

"Sure Commander", Dira said walking over to the reactor. Pulling up the readouts and making a few adjustments on the intermix, she looked at Cmdr. Solomon. "Commander are you satisfied with these readouts?", she said.

Ashley moved over to a nearby console and pulled up the Operations readouts and ran some checks on the various power systems that routed into the area.
"That's interesting, not everywhere is getting power in here," he started before finalising his findings. "It looks like the EPS conduits in the far wall are offline, there's no power going through to them. The waveguides and backup flow sensors are all re-routing the power...they should be directing it to the EPS conduit though."

Looking over at Dira, Ashley looked a little confused. "Why the hell would someone deactivate an EPS conduit?" he asked.

Alexander frowned, "I have no idea." He was starting to wonder what procedures were actually followed during the base's initial shutdown 10 years ago. "It shouldn't be too much of a problem to fix, though, unless the computer bypassed the conduit due to some failure."

"Question is what kind of failure? Cascade or incidental failure? Or it might have been more than just a cascade involving a core shutdown because something scramed it?," Dira suggested, thinking.

Zandusky looked at Dira, "Well, now I am glad that I called the two of you over here to have a look."

"Yes it was a good idea to summon us both," Dira said looking at Solomon.

"With your permissions, Commander Zandusky, I can get an Ops team over here to pull the room apart, from a tech point of view and then put it back together," Ashley offered. "That way, you have a more reliable place to work from without any issues like this." As he made the offer, Ashley had begun working a diagnostic program on why the EPS conduit was deactivated.

Once the console beeped its completion of the program, Ashley looked at the readouts and soon things started to make some sense. "Ok, now I understand it. This area was closed down quite some time ago. It was due for an overhaul according to the maintenance logs...however, that overhaul never took place as the Starfleet moved out of the base," he explained as he pointed out the dates and reports that confirmed his findings.

"It looks like, as a matter of safety, they just shut this all down," he confirmed.

Zandusky nodded, "Do what you need to do. I'd like this place in tip-top shape."

Zandusky left the room as the other two officers began working out a plan to get things done.


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