Hawkeye Island

Task Force 86

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A New Normal

Posted on Wed Apr 29th, 2020 @ 5:02am by Lieutenant Salvadore Niavi-Weidan

Mission: Mission One: A New Beginning...(Backstory)
Location: Hawkeye Island - Chief Science Officer's Quarters
Timeline: Present

Dor stepped back from the wall and eyed his handiwork. On the wall hung a simple looking sword, held in a simple looking leather sheath, supported by two struts on the wall so the blade was parallel to the floor. Below it was his workstation for his quarters, for when he wanted to bring work home with him. He nodded slightly, then stepped back into his bedroom to the suitcase he had left on the bed and proceeded to unload his clothing. Each article was tightly rolled, so he unrolled them and then carefully folded them before putting them in the drawers opposite his bed.

Growing up as a Starfleet brat, keeping things neat and packed well when moving from one posting or station to another was always important. It had stuck with him through the academy, and he held onto it even now. He was sure it said something about his personality that he was far more comfortable tightly rolling his clothing into his suitcase than getting more suitcases. Being posted on a planetside installation meant he didn't have any specific mass allotment, but still he packed everything tightly into one suitcase for clothing, and one trunk for the larger items, such as his sword.

It never took long to unpack, and he stowed his suitcase in the trunk that was placed at the foot of his bed. He glanced around for a moment, seeing if there was anything he had missed, though he knew there wasn't. He never brought much with him, he knew he could make or replicate specialized items for work or pleasure at need, and aside from the sword and a few odds and ends, he hadn't found items of sentimental value very often.

Dor glanced at the chronometer on his wall, his first duty shift wasn't for another couple of hours, and he wasn't due to report for a senior officers briefing until later in the morning. With one more turn around his quarters, he straightened his uniform and stepped out, having decided to walk to the fusion restaurant he'd noticed around the corner from the building where his office was. A nice cross quadrant meal would help pass the time until he needed to be in the office and settling in.


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