Hawkeye Island

Task Force 86

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A Proper Hello...

Posted on Tue May 12th, 2020 @ 9:29am by Lieutenant Commander Ashley Solomon & Commander Dira Sherren

Mission: Mission One: A New Beginning...(Backstory)
Location: Hawkeye Island Starbase Operations
Timeline: After "Chat with the Brigadier" and before "Rolling up some sleeves"

Having completed his meeting with the Brigadier General, Ashley had decided to take a quick look around the Operations area, making sure that he knew what he was dealing with and where he would be working in the next several days.

He thought it best to understand the differences between serving on a Starship Bridge and serving on a Planetary installation. Something he knew would take some time to get used to. However, this wasn't something that fazed Ashley as he was used to getting his head down on an assignment and getting stuck in.

After taking the time to get to know his surroundings, he noticed another officer nearby working away at a console and wandered over to introduce himself.

"Hi, I'm Commander Ashley Solomon, I'm the new Operations Chief," he said, introducing himself. "I arrived on base yesterday and I'm just having a look around."

Dira brought her head up to fast, forgetting about the overhang of the console, cracking her head, "Oooowwww jeezzz not again....augusfratt! Damn it!", she bitched. Getting up she came face to face with a handsome looking man. Dira was somewhat shellshocked, completely taken by this man standing there, "Um...hello Cmdr. Solomon", she said.

"Hi, having fun down there?" he asked. He could see that she was pretty deep into the work on the console and it didn't seem to be going well. He could tell that she was also slightly taken aback. "I'm sorry if I disturbed you, Commander..."

"No it's ok Commander, blasted console is giving me headaches. I do not know who or how or what busted this console, but it is really baffling. I fix one thing and something else breaks. I guess they don't make them like they used to", she said smiling at the Commander. "Maybe I need a drink or a bite to eat? Who knows but I need some different scenery", Dira said smiling widely.

"Well, sometimes a break can be a good thing," he offered to her. "Sometimes, a second pair of eyes can also offer a new perspective or a new solution not considered before." He could see that she had been working hard and that a break could have been of some help. It also brought home to Ashley that there was a lot of work required here and he needed to get up to speed quickly.

"I apologise, I didn't catch your name before," he said. "Can I offer you a break, maybe a good meal before getting back to looking at this issue, or even giving you a hand?" he offered.

"Lt. Cmdr. Dira Sherren, and a break would be great, thankyou Cmdr. Solomon. "But first I need to get cleaned up a bit don't you think?", she added smiling.

"Its a pleasure to meet you Lt. Cmdr. Dira Sherren and yes, cleaning up before eating is the accepted method," he said, trying to have a joke. Ashley was started to feel a little easier as he continued the conversation. "How long ago did you arrive, you seem to be up to your elbows on work?"

Before he got his answer, Ashley heard his combadge beep for attention.

"Zandusky to...Lieutenant Commanders Sherren and Solomon."

As he was speaking with Commander Sherren in Ops, Ashley looked up as he heard his combadge beep for attention as well as hers at the same time.

"This is Commander Solomon, how can I help," he answered back after tapping his combadge.

Tapping her combadge, "Sherren here, go ahead Commander", she said.

"I was curious if it was possible for either of you, or both-it doesn't matter, to come to the Strategic Operations Annex, it used to be a Research Annex, and double-check the building's reactor before I power it back on." Zandusky waited.

Ash nodded as he understood the Strategic Operations Officers request. He hadn't had the chance to meet all of the senior officers yet and this seemed to present a good opportunity. "No problem, we're on our way," Ash replied.

"On our way Commander", Dira said.


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