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Never Trust a Vulcan

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Mission: Mission One: A New Beginning...(Backstory)
Location: Hawkeye Island - 17th IS Squadron Pilots Lounge
Timeline: December 2395


In the pilots lounge, Rachel 'Stilleto' Moore threw down her cards as her lips twisted in disgust. She fixed her opponent with a fearsome stare and said far more loudly than was necessary to everyone who was seated at the table, “Who invited you here to play with us anyways?”

“You did,” Warrant Officer Ally Pearson, Callsign ‘BUGS’ (Boobs Under G Suit) reminded her coolly.

Stilleto glanced around the table and saw an array of heads bobbing in agreement. “And you people let me? Knowing what you know about me? Knowing what an idiot I am, you were that dumb as to listen to me? Okay, fine.” She tilted back in her chair and took a deep swallow of her drink, which sent a pleasant burning sensation down her throat. “In that case, this is all your fault. You brought it on yourselves.”

“It’s no big deal, Rachel. It was just luck,” said Engine Technician Callista Henderson, nicknamed Cally, who had to stand on her toes to reach the pot she had just won.

“Rachel. She’s calling me Rachel, like we’re… like we’re friends or something,” Stilleto said in mock indignation. “Careful Kid! Remember who the grown-ups are around here.”

“Admittedly, it’s not always easy to tell,” Lt. Tom Kazansky, callsign Iceman said pointedly.

“A little respect, is all I’m asking.”

Bugs leaned to the side and whispered to the new recruit, “Personally, I’d give her as little as possible.” She said with a grin.

“How about Stilleto. Should I just call you Stilleto?” asked Cally.

“Yeah, whatever,” she replied accustomed to responding to the name that was her call sign. Sometimes she even wondered whether Stilleto was her real name, and Rachel Moore was simply this nice name that she put on to hide her true persona.

“Are you really upset with me?” The eighteen year old kid straight from the Services Academy looked genuinely concerned. “For winning so much money, I mean.”

Rachel, who was feeling a little bit woozy from the combination of the lateness of the hour and the alcohol she’d consumed, smiled, “No kid. You shouldn’t worry about my feelings anyways.”

“I wasn’t,” Cally replied. “I just wanted to figure out if you were gonna jump me once the game was over and try to get the money back.”

This prompted laughs from everyone at the table.

Iceman leaned forward and said, “If you ask me…”

“Which nobody did,” Rachel quickly interrupted. She looked back towards Cally. “You’re pretty good at poker. You been taking lessons? Hanging out with a bad crowd?”

“Worse than this one?” Iceman interrupted. “The mind positively boggles. I can feel my IQ spiraling into the abyss the longer this conversation continues, Is anyone planning to deal a new hand so I can win some money back from the human chip vacuum over here?”

“Not happening anytime soon, Mr. Iceman,” Cally assured him.

“Wait? How come he gets Mister. Iceman, and I just get Stilleto? Where's my mister?”

“Just a thought,” suggested Iceman, “but could it possibly have anything to do with the fact that she knows who the better pilot is here?”

“Oh go fuck yourself,” Rachel rolled her eyes.

Cally giggled to herself listening to the exchange.

"I heard we were getting a new squadron commander, go's by the callsign "Snake"." BUGS interjected changing the subject for a second.

"Also heard he was a vulcan." Rachel added, "Never trust a Vulcan to watch your six, they always do the 'logical' thing even if that means letting your ass hang in the wind, that's probably how he got his callsign."

"Well whatever he is I hope he's not an asshole. My last Squadron leader was so anal he made us clean the underside of our landing gears," Iceman shook his head, "I hated that power tripping pee stain of an officer."

Everyone laughed as another round of play passed and once again, Cally won. By this point everyone was throwing down their cards in disgust. “OK nobody is this good a card player,” Rachel said loudly as she watched the last of her chips get swept away into Cally’s pile.

“I am,” Iceman pointed out.

“Couldn’t tell it from what we’re seeing here.” Stilleto smirked as she threw back the last of her drink.

“Well, everyone has an off night.” the pilot replied matching her grin with one of his own.


First Lieutenant Rachel "Stilleto" Moore
Fighter Pilot
17th Interceptor Squadron
66th SEG
Hawkey Island

& friends


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