Hawkeye Island

Task Force 86

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"Landing At Hawkeye Colony"

Posted on Sun May 3rd, 2020 @ 12:57pm by Lieutenant Todd "Snake" Carlson & Lieutenant Michael Bradshaw

Mission: Mission One: A New Beginning...(Backstory)
Location: Landing Pad


Todd was about to land at his new base and cor the firzt time in his career he was landing on solid ground. As he approached the bsse he decided to do a few simple maneuvers simply because he was in the atmosphere of a planet and not a deck. Rolling his Valkyier 360 mid air as be pulled up into a short vertical hop, then banking right then left, he dropped to 100 feet from the padd nearly taking the head off the Captain as he set downike a dropped feather.

Looking at who it was, he smiled, popped the canopy of 'Cobra 1" and stood up, "Sorry about that Captain. First time I have had the opportunity to land on ground", Todd said as he bopped from the cockpit, patting his fighter.

Hunter's face didn't change as the man rubbed his fighter. He'd been around hot shot pilots all his professional life, in fact he used to be one himself so he knew not to react to the appearance of a rebellious attitude outright. "Well I hope you get used to it, since that's where you'll be landing from now on." he said deadpan after a second. "I take it your trip here was without any trouble?" he continued.

Before Todd could respond the deck chief came running up. "Bloody fuck whats wrong with you man." he shouted towards the pilot. "You almost clipped the radar tower, and this tarmac has just been freshly paved." he stood with his hands on his hips.

"Excuse me? First off, flying over ground for the first time gives me a feel for fighting with the deck not far from the fighter. Second, I did not go near or hit the radar tower. I saw the tower as wall as the ground crew and the captain. Third I set her down pin point on your new tarmac," Todd said politely but in a tone that could be read as being slightly ticked.

Turning to the captain before the flight chief could say anything, "My apologies sir...Lt. Todd "Snake" Carlson reporting. My flight here was unimpeded and somewhat interedting as I flew over the terrain. Many places where people and fovhtets can ambush colonies and communities.", Todd added as he turned to tend to his fightdr and shut her down fully.

Chief Random grimaced and let out a loud sigh.

"It's alright Senior." Hunter said giving the old man a nod.

"Yeah well...bloody pilots..." Random said underneath his breath as he turned to head back to the hangar.

Hunter took a step towards Todd and examined his ship. "Looks like you've narrowed down the fuselage on her." he quirked his head to the side and noticed the painted on image of a Cobra wrapped around an Orion fighter. And nearby the pilots name with his callsign "SNAKE" imprinted on it. "I was told you were one of the best pilots the starfighter corps had to offer, is that true?"

"Yeah......I was supposed to head for the USS Devinshire, a refitted Akira for combat duty on the outer rim of Federation territory when I was diverted here. I also heard that I wss supposed to be CAG hear but the orders were changed last mi ute. I didn't mind at all and was fine with being CO CAG/Squadron Leader," Todd said chuckling as he cbecked the intake ducts.

Hunter let a small grin form on the edge of his mouth. He liked his pilots to be a little cocky, even if that meant they were gunning for his job. "Well I'm glad you are here, most of the pilots we have are green, fresh from the academy. I'm going to need someone to get them all sorted."

"Never fails.....Starfleet always sends me to train green kids. Boouya!", Todd said, his face gave him away. For Todd to always get the back end of raw recruits, babies they send him, makes him always uncomfortable.

Looking at the captain, "Their kids, babies in other word and we are supposed to get them into a squadron that fights as a team! What the hell are they thinking......Augusfratt!", Todd exclaimed.

Hunter chuckled at the man's frustration because he knew it was about to get even worse. "It's worse than that." he paused for a second before continuing, "The squadron consists of outdated and falling apart fighters, that's why the Chief was so hard on yeh, he's been working nonstop trying to get every ship we got operational." he glanced towards the hangar then back to Todd, "It's good you brought your own ship."

"Yes it was good. This is my second fighter. I didn't lose the first. They put her on display back at the Corps. training academy. Admiral Beckwith, presented her to me when I got the Medal of Honor", Todd said suddenly stopping, he turned around. "I sense a presence, not you sir, something else", Todd said softly.

Walking very slowly Todd moved to the rear of his ship and stood there.

Hunter raised an eyebrow at the casual mention of the man earning the MOH, and then watched curiously as he stepped towards the back of his ship. "Everything ok?" he asked.

Reaching around the tail he grabbed the collar of a young mechanic who had been lookihooing at his fighter. "Can I help you? You shoukd not be sneaking around a fighterespecially one that you are not familiar with", Todd said, looking at him

The kid jumped at being called out, "Sorry for interrupting sir, I'm the shift loadmaster with deck operations. I couldn't help but notice the modifications to your Valkyrie. Did you do them yourself?""

Before Todd could respond Hunter interjected, "Well I'm sure you are tired from your trip, so I'll let you get your ship and things sorted." he then nodded his head towards the pilot lounge and barracks, "Your squadron is over there, I've had a room set up for you. I'm sure you saw the mess hall and admin building on your way in, but if you have any questions I'm always available." he held out his hand, "Its nice meeting you Lieutenant."

Looking at the kid first as he took the captain's hand, "Yes I made the modifications myself. Next time don't go sneaking. Just ask me ok?", he said turning his attention to the captain.
"Thanks boss I will be fine", Todd said shaking his hand and finally turning to head to his quarters and a shower.


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