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Posted on Sat Apr 25th, 2020 @ 4:41pm by Commander Alexander Zandusky
Edited on on Sat Apr 25th, 2020 @ 9:39pm

Mission: Mission One: A New Beginning...(Backstory)
Location: U.S.S. Gladiator, NCC-80010-B; Beta Quadrant
Timeline: ~December, 2395


Sevlek sat at the desk in the Ready Room of the Gladiator, he had just issued a large number of reassignments to many personnel. One of those reassignments was his own Strategic Operations Specialist, Commander Alexander Zandusky.

Sevlek had spent most of the day reading, verifying, forwarding and writing reports relating to the Typhon Pact. All indications pointed towards the Typhon Pact moving to open hostilities, essentially declaring war, with the Federation. Sevlek was taking this opportunity to reassign personnel where they might be needed most.

Sevlek tapped his combadge, "Sevlek to Commander Zandusky. Report to the Ready Room."

After a brief wait, a response signaling acknowledgement came. A few minutes later, the door chime rang and Sevlek granted admittance.

Alexander Zandusky stepped into the room, holding a PADD. Sevlek didn't need to be told that the PADD currently displayed the transfer orders he'd just sent out to the man. Zandusky spoke first, "Admiral," he held the PADD up, "I just received transfer orders to Hawkeye Island. I checked the Starfleet Registry Database, it's a Marine Installation. Why would they need a Starfleet officer to run their Strategic Operations Department?"

Sevlek stood and walked around the desk to the couch along the forward wall and sat down, indicating for Zandusky to sit down as well. After Zandusky was seated, Sevlek said, "Your talents will be of better use on Hawkeye Island. The installation is being reinstated for service and may serve a pivotal role in the upcoming difficulties with the Typhon Pact."

Zandusky cocked an eyebrow and laughed, "Sir, did you just call the upcoming war a difficulty?"

"Indeed, I did. All wars are a difficulty that must be dealt with in a manner appropriate to the individual war itself."

Zandusky nodded, "Fair enough. Though, don't you think you'll need my services at the BQCC?"

"You've trained Lieutenant Commander Molist extremely well. I'm quite certain that she will be up to the task, while you assist General Katana in making Hawkeye Island a formidable, and useful, installation once again." Sevlek stood as he finished and continued speaking, "The Gladiator will arrive at Raeya III in 3 hours. Be prepared to depart, the ship will not remain in orbit for longer than is necessary to transfer personnel to the base."

Zandusky nodded as he stood, "I'll be packed and ready to depart before then, sir." Zandusky left the Ready Room and returned to his cabin on the Gladiator to pack what things we had aboard the ship.


Commander Alexander Zandusky
Chief Strategic Operations Officer
Hawkeye Island, Raeya III

Fleet Admiral Sevlek
Beta Quadrant Commanding Officer


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