Hawkeye Island

Task Force 86


Coming out of Retirement

Posted on Sun Apr 12th, 2020 @ 7:11am by Brigadier General Leah Katana & Brigadier General Adam Stone

Mission: Mission One: A New Beginning...(Backstory)
Location: Dahkar Provence, Bajor
Timeline: Backstory

Leah spent the last few years retired from Starfleet and living on her mother's estate she was left when her mother passed away. But lately she decided that things needed to change and decided to come out of retirement. She had received her orders, she was being sent to Hawkeye Island on Raeya III to take Command of the Marine Base.

She decided to contact her husband, unknown to her he was also going to be assigned there as well. She walked over to the comm channel and was patched through to Adam, she just waited for him to pick up.

Adam had just stepped out of his shower after an hour in the gym when he heard his console pinging with an incoming call. 'Damned inconvenient at the moment.' He thought to himself, wrapping a towel around himself and going over to see who it was and if he could answer it in his present condition or if he'd have to call them back.

He smiled when he saw who it was and leaned down to press the accept button. "Hello sweetheart. How's things on the other side of the galaxy?"

She smiled when she seen the face of her husband, "Hey my love." Leah replied with a smile, she missed him dearly. "Oh, things are going good. I decided to come out of retirement and been assigned to Hawkeye Island on Raeya III as Base Commander." Leah said as she looked at him with a smile.

Adam tried and failed miserably to keep a straight face. He erupted into uncontrolled laughter and collapsed into his desk chair, shaking his head.

"What is so funny Adam?" She asked as she tilted her head to the side in confusion as to why he was laughing at her.

"Oh is Ops going to get annoyed when I tell them to move my stuff then." He managed to get out once he got his laughing under control. "Meet the Deputy Base Commander." He said pointing to himself.

She looked at him and smiles, she was happy she would get to see her husband but at the same time Starfleet just loved putting them together. But that was alright with her she rather be by her husband. She hated when they were apart. "That is great my love!" She said with a huge grin.

"It may annoy the Ops Officer, but he can deal with it. I'll just point to the message that is undoubtedly waiting in my inbox when i get into the office and my own personnel file and say 'see the new CO and see my wife? they match. move my stuff'."

She kinda chuckled, "That would be funny to see." Leah said as she seen Jr run up. "Daddy!!!" He said waving at him through the screen.

"Hey buddy!" Adam said with a smile as he waved back to his son. "How you doing?"

The now seven year old boy jumped on him's mom's lap to see his dad better. "I am doing good Daddy, when are you coming home?" He asked unaware that he will get to see him soon enough.

"That my boy." Adam said with as a smile. "Will be very, very soon. I can't tell you when exactly though because it's a surprise." He said with a wink to his wife.

Leah smiled and looked at Jr, "yay Daddy! I am going to go play now love you Daddy!" He said as he ran off towards his room to go play. Leah looked in his direction as he ran and smiled. "Oh dear, Jr is asking about a sibling..." Leah said as she looked at him.

"Hmm..." Adam said thoughtfully. "With this new assignment I'm sure we can work something out." He said with a wicked grin playing over his features.

She smiled, "Sounds good my love." She said as she looked at him, she didn't want to get off the channel but she had a lot of packing to do if she was to get there on time. "Well, I better get going love I got a lot to pack. We will be there in a week." Leah said as she blew her husband a kiss.

"Oh I'm sure we'll still be here when you manage to get here." He promised as he returned the kiss. "See you in a few days honey."

She smiled and then closed the comm channel stood up from the computer desk and looked around. 'I have a lot to pack,' Leah said to herself as she was trying to decide where to start. But first she though she would make Lunch before she started, she knew Jr would be hungry soon. She walked off to the Kitchen to start making lunch.

After she finished they both at there meal, when Jr was done eating he went back into his room to play. Leah began to start packing, as there transport leaves early in the morning so she had to have everything ready for pick up. She would leave Jr's room for last. She spent the next several hours packing and cleaning.