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Lieutenant Commander Ashley Solomon

Name Ashley Samuel Solomon

Position Former Crewmembers

Rank Lieutenant Commander

Character Information

Gender Male
Species Human
Age 36

Physical Appearance

Height 6ft
Weight 190lbs
Hair Color Dark Brown
Eye Color Blue
Physical Description Ashley is of an athletic build and keeps himself in shape. With his black hair and blue eyes, he is often a charmer. Ashley is a clean-shaven man who believes that in his position he should lead by example and follow the example set by his senior and superior officers. He is a Tall slightly muscular man who keeps himself in trim as often as he dares. He has no distinguishing features or scars.


Spouse N/A
Children N/A
Father Sebastian Patrick Solomon (Deceased)
Mother Mary Elizabeth Solomon (Deceased)
Brother(s) Jack Tobias Solomon
Sister(s) Isabelle Elsa Solomon
Other Family Tyr Solomon (Uncle, Fathers Brother)
Gabriella Solomon (Aunt, Fathers Sister in law)

Personality & Traits

General Overview Ashley is a conservative man who has been weathered from his previous experiences as being a part of the Solomon Family. Whilst many know of the endeavours of his parents and siblings, Ashley has worked quietly in the background to get on with his life. He has a knack for getting on with things and when faced with challenges he finds an inventive way to solve them.

When it comes to his work Ashley is very committed to doing his job in the best way, however, he's not as driven as his siblings in trying to make out a mark in the Universe for himself.

On his own, Ashley is very quiet because of the constant work and investigating he does off duty, trying to find out why his parents hid him away from the rest of the family. He also mourns the loss of his parents at the hands of the Borg in the battle of Wolf 359 however he has never been able to visit the gravesite.

Ashley enjoys his time when serving on duty and loves working with the crew. In his spare time, he enjoys his hobby of Archery and spending time on the Holodeck taking part in a collection of Supernatural based Holonovels. He has also committed himself to investigate the cause of his parent's death, despite this being a classified matter within Starfleet
Strengths & Weaknesses Ashley's strengths lay in his ability to analyse a problem and try to solve it in the most inventive way possible. However, he also applies himself with plenty of confidence. He is a team player and can also step up to lead personnel and others if the call is made.

His weaknesses lie in when he is confronted with a situation that seemingly holds "no way out" or no resolution to it as this often reminds him of the reason as to why his parents were killed at the Battle of Wolf 359. This is something he has often tried to work through since their death but he can find this difficult when faced with a Pressure situation.
Ambitions Ashley has progressed slowly through the ranks in Starfleet, due to his desire not to suddenly try and light up the Universe as other family members have done. what he had done is to make sure that he has learned as much as possible from Engineering and Operations aspects during his career. It's not bothered him that friends and colleagues on other postings have moved on faster than he and that he too should have moved up the ladder sooner.

Ashley wants to work hard in making sure that its his own talents and not his family name that earns himself a Senior Officer position on a posting assignment.
Hobbies & Interests In his spare time, Ashley enjoys his hobby of Archery and reading through his collection of Supernatural stories, this coming from the time he spent enjoying reading various books and novels as a child whilst growing up.

He also has an interest in Starfleet Ship design and how they work, being knowledgeable about the various classes when he has time to investigate them further. When he has some downtime, Raith enjoys in taking part in his collection of Supernatural based Holonovels, specifically the “Demon Road Saga”

Personal History Ashley was a hard-working child at school and graduated in each of his classes with good grades. He was a natural at everything having the talent and drive when he focused it properly, to perform. He left all the schools he went to with good grades. However, he also struggled during his education due to living on the colony base on Sindorin, one of the Maquis run colonies.

Due to this, his life was often disrupted due to attacks from the Cardassians and also interference from Starfleet during their patrols. With his life always disrupted and in danger, despite his parent's original wishes, Ashley's Guardians made the choice that he would be safer in Starfleet than living with them.

Living with his Uncle Tyr and Aunt Gabriella Solomon on Sindorin, Ashley worked hard at home and did his best to be helpful around the homestead, whilst making sure that he didn't get involved within the Maquis run activities.

After School and his education, Ashley went to work with his Uncle at his Repair Facility and spent time working there on everything from vehicles to small ships, to small garden implements. After a while of working there, he went on to learn about Starships and Engineering, showing the knack of wanting to know how it worked and if it worked how it could work better.

Whilst working there he found out that his parents were serving Starfleet Officers on board the USS Gage and the Gage was one of 39 ships that were destroyed or severely damaged in the battle of Wolf 359. He also found out that he had a brother and a sister out there and started to wonder why he was kept a secret from them.

With the decision made by his that he would be safer in Starfleet than living with them, Ashley applied for Starfleet Academy in 2371 and was accepted.
Service Record Once Graduating from Starfleet Academy in 2375, Ashley was assigned to an Operations post on board the New Orleans Class USS Jefferson for his first tour out in the fleet. To Ashley, This decision seemed to be based on his talents and drive he had shown during the Operations and Engineering courses at the

He would spend 4 years serving onboard whilst the end of the Dominion War neared. During his first year, Ashley learnt about Engineering procedures onboard, serving first as Engineers Mate and then as a Warp Engine Specialist whilst the Jefferson toured on patrol in the Badlands. Ashley was an involved young officer on board as the ship was involved in several skirmishes with Maquis raiders and he often found himself using original solutions to repairs on the starship which gained him recognition on board, something he struggled to get used to.

During his assignment, he also spent time in the Operations Department, during which time his CO noticed an urge in Ashley to explore the stars and learn more. During the Jefferson's tour on patrol near the Cardassian Sector, The New Orleans Class starship found itself on the front lines taking part in battles such as the second Chin'toka campaign; facing off against the Jem'Hadar and the Cardassians many times. The Jefferson sustained heavy damage whilst in combat with a Jem'Hadar Battlecruiser. Whilst under repair at Starbase 375, the joint Federation-Klingon-Romulan Fleet announced that they were making their move on Cardassia for the final engagement.

During the Battle of Cardassia, Ashley had his hands full onboard the New Orleans Class starship where whilst taking heavy damage, she provided cover for the flagship and fought off four suicide attacks by Cardassian vessels wanting to take it out. Once the battle was concluded, the Jefferson docked at Deep Space Nine for repairs and it was there Ashley took some time to understand that the war was over.

After the war ended, the Jefferson was re-assigned to patrol along the Romulan Border in 2376. In 2379, she was tasked with providing material and humanitarian aid to the Romulan Star Empire after the Shinzon incident as part of a Starfleet task group of ships assigned there to begin peace talks between the Romulans and the Federation.

Ashley transferred to the Operations Department during his four-year assignment, where he gained more experience and also learnt more about the New Orleans Class of starship itself. Whilst learning about starship Operations and Engineering in peacetime, Ashley enjoyed the time that the Jefferson used to chart star systems on the outer edge of the Romulan Empire as part of her mission.

Once the Jefferson's three-year mission was completed in the Rim, Ashley received orders from Starfleet Command to transfer to the USS Phobos, one of the new Luna Class Starships being launched to go into the Gamma Quadrant and to begin exploration there. Along with this new assignment Ashley was assigned to the Operations Officer position.

Ashley served aboard the Phobos for four years exploring the Gamma Quadrant and charting many star systems and civilisations, whilst also learning more about the Phobos itself and her intricacies whilst also learning more Luna Class Starships. During their time exploring, Ashley employed his original thinking for repairs and solutions during different skirmishes with the Breen who had made claims of territory in unexplored regions of the Gamma Quadrant.

The Phobos returned to the Alpha Quadrant during her mission after suffering extensive damage during a battle with rogue elements of the Jem'Hadar. The battle itself was due to a claim on the region made by the Rogue Jem'Hadar who were looking to set up a new Ketracell White facility in the Gamma Quadrant whilst the Phobos stumbled across this situation as it was charting the region. The ship was put in for refit at Utopia Planitia Fleet Yards for six months

Once repairs were completed, The Phobos returned to the Gamma Quadrant where the crew explored new boundaries and regions. The ship returned to the Alpha Quadrant in 2383 after suffering heavy damage whilst inside the uncharted Mourir Nebula. Captain Merith also commended Ashley for his time onboard the Phobos.

Following this assignment, Ashley then moved on to apply to join the USS Adelaide as an Engineering Officer. He served onboard the Intrepid Class starship for three years where the ship and crew explored more regions of the Beta Quadrant as well as patrolling between the Romulan, Klingon, C'Hakilian, and Krazzle Empires. During his time on board, he served alongside another former Phobos crewmate, Lt Cmdr Glyndar, where he explored a relationship with her as they served together on board. He found this difficult to begin with as this was his first full-time relationship outside of the relationships he endured at home. With both officers parting on good terms at the end of their tour, Ashley looked to staying out in the stars whilst Glyndar was re-assigned to Starfleet Operations on Earth.

In 2386, Ashley was assigned to the Vesta Class USS Palatine under Captain Tobias Rao. He spent six years onboard serving the first two years in Engineering, under the suggestion of Captain Rao. During his time, Ashley increased his knowledge further regarding this newer class of starship whilst the Palatine toured on patrol in the outreaches of the Beta Quadrant near the Romulan border.

It was during his first year on the assignment that the unthinkable happened: the predicted Supernova of the Hoban Star in Romulan space took place earlier than expected. Whilst patrolling the border, the Palatine was one of several Federation Starships that took on board refugees once the event occurred, with the crew taking many of the refugees to Vashti, joining the already organised colony set up by Admiral Picard. The Palatine often made runs from the border to Vashti, allowing Ashley to get to know the locals better and begin learning and understanding more of Romulan culture.

During the latter two years of his assignment, he spent time in the Operations Department, during which time Captain Rao noticed no real drive in Ashley to climb the career ladder but a willingness to explore the stars and learn more. With the Palatine being re-assigned to a long-range exploration mission in the Gum Nebula, The Vesta Class stopped off at to DS12 for repairs and upgrades.

After six years on duty in the Beta Quadrant, Ashley had been lucky enough during that time to learn for the guidance of Captain Rao. Knowing that the young officer had a strong path ahead of him, Roa recommended Ashley for the position of Assistant Chief Operations Officer onboard the USS Capitoline, a Vesta Class starship headed for duty in the Alpha Quadrant and also docked at DS12.

Captain Rhae accepted the transfer request and gladly welcomed Ashley on board in 2392. With the starship going through a refit over the next 12 months, putting the young officer to work right away. Once the ship was operating in the Alpha Quadrant, Ashley found he adapted to the newer systems of the Capitoline quickly and performed his duty admirably as the ship was initially involved in exploration duties in the Alpha Quadrant, before being re-assigned to the Cardassian Border.

During this assignment, Ashley found the exploration side of the mission allowed him to find an inner calm he had missed for quite some time and he re-discovered the enjoyment of exploration and discovery again.

Ashley enjoyed this tour as he gelled with the crew as they continued near the Cardassian border, however it soon became obvious during the tour that Starfleet was reducing its presence in the area and that the Cardassian ships and colonies were soon turning away any support the Capitoline and other Federations starships in the area could offer.

With the Capitoline re-assigned to the Beta Quadrant, charting star systems and civilisations, Ashley employed his original thinking for repairs and solutions during different skirmishes with the Gorn, who had attempted to make claims of territory in unexplored regions of the Beta Quadrant. The Capitoline was recalled after suffering extensive damage during a battle near the edge of Federation territory as the crew discovered a small fleet of Breen Warships massing for action inside a Nebula.

With the Cardassians reducing their borders and Starfleet moving out ships for other duties, The Vesta Class starship was caught up in a battle with several of the warships. As it turned out, the Breen were massing for an offensive on their former allies to gain ground in the Quadrant itself. Taking heavy damage as the crew defended several Cardassian civilian transports that were headed for Cardassian territory and unable to defend themselves, Captain Rhae ordered the Capitoline back to Federation space.

Once there, extensive repairs were required to the ship and Ashley spent six months working with the crew to bring the Vesta class up to specs and ready to set sail again. With repairs complete, Captain Rhae recommended that Ashley look at a Senior Officer position and suggested the Chief Operations Officer position on Hawkeye Island. Ashley applied for the Chief Operations position and was successful.

2375 - 2379: USS Jefferson – New Orleans – Operations/Engineering Officer
2379 - 2383: USS Phobos - Luna Class – Operations Officer
2383 – 2386: USS Adelaide – Intrepid Class – Engineering Officer
2386 - 2392: USS Palatine – Vesta Class - Operations Officer
2392 – 2396: USS Capitoline – Vesta Class - Assistant Chief Operations Officer
2396 – Present: Hawkeye Island – Planetry Base - Chief Operations Officer