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Lieutenant Salvadore Niavi-Weidan

Name Salvadore Joseph Niavi-Weidan

Position Former Crewmembers

Rank Lieutenant

Character Information

Gender Male
Species Human/Betazoid
Age 29

Physical Appearance

Height 6'1"
Weight 212 lbs
Hair Color Black
Eye Color Brown
Physical Description Salvadore is a broad shouldered young male dark skinned human, with his head shaved, and a small goatee. He keeps himself in relatively good shape, and has yet to get any tattoos. He does have small scars on his torso, from an explosion he was near earlier in his career.


Spouse N/A
Children N/A
Father Taylor Weidan, Chief Researcher, Baltis Vallis Research Station, Venus
Mother Jazil Niavi, Rear Admiral, Commanding Officer, Starbase 76
Brother(s) Taylor Niavi-Weidan Jr, Commander, Executive Officer, USS Hastings
Sister(s) N/A
Other Family N/A

Personality & Traits

General Overview Salvadore, Dor to his friends, tends to be open and warm in general, keeping a welcoming smile on his face in his day to day work. He often goes in for small talk and loves to joke with his colleagues. He does have his own traumas from his past, and he has fairly typical responses to them, but he has made it part of his daily mission to keep those traumas from affecting him. He will let people close to him, giving trust fairly easily, though if a person breaks the trust that Dor extends, it is exceedingly difficult to earn it back. At his work, Dor can become very focused, often losing himself in his work to the point of skipping meals
Strengths & Weaknesses Salvadore’s strengths largely center around his work, his ability to focus on an issue and approach it from different angles. He has shown the ability to completely remove his notions from consideration to come at the problem as neutrally as possible. He is also excellent interpersonally, and is strong in diplomatic situations. His weaknesses come in developing deep relationships, and he has a penchant for trusting almost anyone who asks him to.
Ambitions Salvadore eventually hopes to earn a position as a Captain of a deep space research vessel. He feels that would be the pinnacle of both his scientific and Starfleet careers. He has other desires that he considers less realistic, including having something newly discovered named after him, and to otherwise be distinguished in one of his fields.
Hobbies & Interests Outside of his work, Dor has several hobbies, some of which have been considered unusual. What has been his primary hobby in other postings is a group of historical recreationists that grew out of the Society for Creative Anachronism on Earth, and similar organizations from other worlds’ histories. As part of this, he practices historical sword fighting, early Earth period beekeeping, and various forms of storytelling that developed across numerous worlds. His slightly more common hobbies include sports, such as Velocity and Parrises Squares. The final thing that he enjoys filling his spare time up with is music, listening and playing music. Dor has been trying to teach himself various instruments, but has a deep love and connection to the guitar, and finds himself often falling back on playing that.

Personal History Salvadore’s parents weren’t typical parents, neither one of them having given up their careers when they decided to have children. This worked for a while, Jazil being stationed on Earth at Starfleet Academy for the first decade of Salvadore’s life while Taylor worked on his research on Venus. They were able to have a fairly nice life on Starbase 1, being only an hours long shuttle ride from Venus and within transport range of the Academy. This situation ended when Jazil was promoted and assigned to command the USS Rhodes, off to fight in the Dominion War. Their father being unwilling to relocate due to his research was not an issue at the time, as families were barred from joining on war time ship deployments, so the brothers stayed in the Sol system After the war, Jazil was posted to the Andoria Prime Shipyards as station commander. Salvadore and his older brother, Taylor, went with their mother, living aboard the station during the beginning of their primary education. After Andoria Prime, Jazil was promoted to flag rank and given command of the sector of space around Trill, with her flag resting at Starbase 76. The brothers would visit their Father when school was out, but he never left the Sol system.

In highschool, Salvadore played sports and was part of a band, having as normal a childhood as a Starfleet brat could have. After graduating highschool, Taylor went into Starfleet Academy, focusing on Engineering. Salvadore, a few years behind his older brother, followed in his and their mother’s footsteps in entering the Academy. While Taylor had been an engineer through and through, Salvadore was a scientist. Both had their heads wrapped around numbers fairly easily, but where Taylor loved taking apart machines and putting them back together, Salvadore loved asking questions and finding the answers. In the Academy, Salvadore focused his studies on Astrophysics and Quantum Theory. He dabbled here and there in some social sciences, having always loved history, but rarely strayed from his main path of study. His small forays into the social sciences did provide him one thing, however, it introduced him to a Federation spanning group of recreationists formed from various organizations. Through it he gained many of his current hobbies, and gathered the closest group of friends he’d been able to have, given the moving around a child had to do when following their parents through the ranks of Starfleet.
Service Record 2384-2384 Freshman year at Starfleet Academy, Sciences Division
2385-2385 Sophomore year at Starfleet Academy, Sciences Division
2386-2386 Cadet Cruise, USS Lao Tzu, Sciences Division
2387-2387 Senior Year at Starfleet Academy, Sciences Division
2388-2390 Ensign, Assigned to USS Lao Tzu, Science Officer - Stellar Cartography
2390-2391 Lieutenant JG, Assigned to USS Lao Tzu, Science Officer - Stellar Cartography
2392-2392 Lieutenant JG, Assigned to Starfleet Command, [Classified]
2393-2394 Lieutenant, Assigned to Deep Space 6, Assistant Chief Science Officer
2395-2396 Lieutenant, Assigned to USS Sovek, Assistant Chief Science Officer
2396-Present Lieutenant, Assigned to Hawkeye Island, Chief Science Officer