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Brigadier General Leah Katana

Name Leah Katana

Rank Brigadier General

Character Information

Gender Female
Species Bajoran
Age 46

Physical Appearance

Height 6'0"
Weight 140lbs
Hair Color Light Brown
Eye Color Hazel
Physical Description She is physically fit of average height and has the normal Bajoran nose ridges and wears a Bajoran earring that her father made her during the occupation in the Singha refugee camp.


Spouse Adam Stone
Children Adam Stone Jr
Father Leah Aawic
Mother Leah Tayere
Sister(s) Leah Mya

Personality & Traits

General Overview She is a touch person when she has to be. But she tries to be laid back, but when on duty she is a regular marine. She is a kind person and likes meeting new people and is very sociable. She bears the scars of the Cardassian Occupation when she was on Bajor.
Strengths & Weaknesses Strengths: She is a hard worker who tends to follow things by the book.

Weakness: That she works too hard
Ambitions Her ambitions are to work up in rank and be the best she can be, she always striving to be a better person and a better marine.
Hobbies & Interests Some of her hobbies are Holonovals, Martial Arts, Hand-to-hand combat, weight lifting.

Personal History Leah Katana was born in Dahkar Provence, Bajor on September 6, 2350 to Leah Tayere and Leah Aawic she has a younger sister named Leah Mya who is about a year younger than her. She spent the majority of her life in the Singha refugee camp on Bajor during the occupation. This is where she met Kira Nerys who became her friend. She would also fight alongside Kira in the resistance to help free her people from the Cardassians. She has seen so much death and destruction from the Occupation. Her father was later killed right beside Kira’s father but her mother survived.

After the occupation was over she joined the Bajoran Militia along with Kira Nerys but Kira would be stationed on Deep Space 9. Leah was stationed on Bajor and worked her way up in rank. She would frequently travel to DS9 to visit her friend and help where it was needed from time to time. She was also stationed board DS9 after the Dominion War up until Bajor became apart of the Federation in 2382, then she was able to transfer to Starfleet where she was assigned to the USS Gladiator at the rank of Lieutenant Colonel and Marine Detachment Commander. After a year she was offered her own command of the USS Cairo-A with the rank of Colonel.

At the end of 2384, Leah resigned her Command and decided to become a Marine Instructor at Starfleet Academy to also gain experience as well as teach others. She spent four years at the Academy when she was called back to service and was given the command of SFMC Kovar aka Camp Kovar a planetary base on Kovar III. This is where she would run into an old flame from years earlier. They fell in love all over again and would eventually get married.

2388 she was given command of the newly christened USS Cairo-D which would be later be attached to Roosevelt Station in 2389 which is the 4th Nor-class Starbase within the Federation. Roosevelt Station is located near Ferengi Space. She was also promoted to the rank of Brigadier General. Commander Kira Nerys who’s still the Executive Officer of DS9 came to visit her on Roosevelt Station to inform her that her mother is dying and requests her to come back to Bajor and to bring her husband and baby with so she could meet them before she dies.

2390 Leah retired from service and moved back home to Bajor, to her mothers home which she built onto. She would live here until she decided to come out of retirement in 2396 and was assigned to Hawkeye Island as the Base Commander.
Service Record 2369-2371: Second Lieutenant, Bajoran Militia, Bajor
2371-2372: First Lieutenant, Bajoran Militia, Bajor
2372-2375: Major, Bajoran Militia, Bajor
2375-2382: Major, Bajoran Militia, DS9
2382-2383: Lieutenant Colonel, Marine Detachment Commanding Officer, USS Gladiator
2383-2384: Colonel, Commanding Officer, USS Cairo-A
2384-2387: Colonel, Marine Instructor, Starfleet Academy
2387-2388: Colonel, Base Commander, SFMC Kovar "Camp Kovar"
2388-2389: Colonel, Commanding Officer, USS Cairo-D
2389-2390: Brigadier General, Base Commander, Roosevelt Station
2390-2396: Civilian; Retired, Bajor
2396-Pres: Brigadier General, Base Commander, Hawkeye Island